Friday, September 13, 2013

So long I know...

It was a lovely and busy summer! 
My daughter and her boyfriend painted the living room for me.  F+B Pavilion Gray.  Cannot express to you how much everyone loves the colour.  It is outstanding and simply perfect for this space.  I haven't finished the decorating yet, want a new mirror for above the fireplace and eventually would like white sofas, but for now I am content.
We had a great summer, rented a cottage up north for a month with all the kids and their boyfriends.  We had friends come up, spent the days eating, swimming and shopping.  Was relaxing and refreshing.
Daughter No 2 has gone back to Uni for her last year.  I miss her so when she is gone.  But she is planning on going to Grad school here (to become a dentist) so I will be happy when she is home, back studying here. 
My eldest has finished her graduate studies and is now living with my mom and dad.  Down the street.  I love it!
And my youngest is now 15, has a boyfriend and is loveeeee.
Time is definitely flying.
I have missed you all.  And still continue to read all my blogs.  I finally moved to Bloglovin.
Hopefully I will be back with updates on knitting!
Lisa xo

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Finally got that chair

So years ago I posted about how much I like this chair.  Well I needed a new chair for the family room and picked this up!  I love it!  It looks a little low but is extremely firm and quite comfy.  I love the pinstripe fabric, it coordinates so well with all the florals I have in the house.  I find that so many furniture pieces are so low now, very difficult for older people to get in and out of.  Unless you go for a wing chair, which I am not into right now. 
I wish I had more to report but things have been quite quiet here.  Which can be a good thing.  We have had a very cold and snowy winter and am looking forward to Spring in the worst way.  Still cold but at least the sun is shining!  The only real gossip here is the constant bullying and teasing by my ginger cat.  He terrorizes my poor pug endlessly.  If Marmalade gets yelled at or is in trouble he immediately smacks the dog.  He chases him, swats at him and occasionally ambushes him.  And the dog is so passive.  But we are working on a resolution!
Can you see the hate in his eyes?
I hope all is good with you.
Oh and very perturbed at the fact Google will no longer be offering "Reader".  Trying to figure a new way to view all my lovely blogs?  Anyone?
PS  Did you see who is back to blogging?  One of my all time favourites!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hello My Lovelies, if you are still out there...

Well hello Blogger, aren't you new and fancy looking!  Let's hope you will post for me today! 

I do apologize for lack of posts for so long.  It was a busy spring and an even busier summer.  Graduations, University convocation, Confirmation, our 25th Anniversary and my father's 75th birthday party that I hosted for 40+ guests.

So some pictures to show that I wasn't telling porkies.

Our resort in Jamaica, Anniversary trip we took with the kids.

Last day

So everything is good here and as I said quite busy.  I have been knitting too.  There is a baby on the way, remember the cousin that had the construction accident?  They are having a baby!  We are so excited for them.  I have started a baby blanket and already did a wee hat.  And I did another Mid-December for DN1.

Oh and the requisite Hallowe'en picture!

Cowardly Lion, haha.

I will try to be better with posting, still feel like I missed telling you all so much.  And I HAVE been keeping up with reading all your blogs.  You are all so much more talented and organised than I am!

Lisa xo

Friday, May 11, 2012


I don't know if you have access to this magazine but I can't help but think it will bring a huge amount of controversy and discussion.  How old is too old to breast feed?  When it is still mutually desired?  What if they both want to continue til the child is 6 or 8?

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, April 05, 2012


Does anyone remember what magazine this came from? The little girl looks exactly like my middle daughter, I stored it on the computer to show her and now forgot which magazine it came from!
And, best tumblr ever

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hottie Cover Pattern/Guidelines

I know you didn't think I was coming back? Of course I promised you some guidance and here I am. Thank you so very much for all your kind words on my Quick and Easy Stripey Hottie Cover. I was away for three days but received all your lovely comments on my BlackBerry and couldn't wait to get back to hopefully guide some of you ladies! Firstly, you must look through your crochet hook collection and find yourself a 4mm hook.
After you have selected chosen hook, you are going to pour yourself a nice cuppa. Then you will take your hook and chain around your hot water bottle. That's all I did. I added a few extra stitches to facilitate the hottie being full of water (it was obviously empty when I was measuring). But the yarn will stretch. I actually started with 46 stitches for my size bottle, which I am assuming is a standard size hottie (18cm x 40cm). After you have chained your needed amount of stitches, you will join it in the round. Your objective here is to create a tube. This way there is not any seams to sew up later.
You will continue to single crochet for two rows in your chosen colour. You will change colours every TWO rows. I used the Cascade 220, which we all know is the yarn left over from my Never Ending Ripple Blanket. I also crocheted THROUGH THE BACK LOOP. This is what creates this particular pattern. You can crochet through the front loop, crochet through the back loop or crochet through both loops. All produce different patterns and textures. Please refer to my link to be sure you are placing hook through this loop.
When you have crocheted the length of your hottie you will finish, tie off and weave in all your seams. Now to close in the bottom of your funny looking tube. All I did was turn it inside out and crocheted the two sides together. I hate sewing up but I am sure you could do that as well! There is no shaping (decreasing or increasing) in this pattern. Then, for the neck, I chained 100 stitches to make the tie. I did this in a contrasting colour from where I weaved in the tie. The stitches are loose enough to weave in tie without altering the pattern at all. Tighten the bow and Bob's your uncle!
>***I am by no means, a pro at crochet, I dabble in it, that is all. This is a very simple, quick project that I created completely on my own. If you have any difficulty please contact me and I will do my utmost to try and help

Much luck,
Lisa xoxo

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick and Easy Stripey Hottie Cover

Just finished. Very quick and very easy. My own pattern. And for those followers of my ripple blanket you will notice same yarn. Had to use it up somehow! So it matches my blanket. If you are interested in the pattern I can guide you, just drop me a note. Cascade 220 yarn and a 4mm hook.
Must fly. Have to get cosy in the ripple with my hottie!
Much love,
Lisa xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Do I Look Fat in This???

You simply must check out this site. It will totally put your weight in to perspective!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spring Fever

I'm looking everywhere for inspiration. I am feeling a bit cooped up right now and need pretty pictures to keep me upbeat. Thank God for the internet! The cold doesn't bother me but early sunsets do as I love to walk after dinner with the dog and cannot when sunset is still around 5.30.
I finished another infinity scarf but of course, forgot to take a picture but the recipient was so terribly grateful! I am now in the midst of finishing that neverending ripple blanket!
Just fiddling with the crochet trim around to tidy it up and it will be done. Who, by the way, thought a KING SIZE ripple blanket was a good idea?
How gorgeous are these wellies? Seriously...

There she is 99% complete ;)
Have a cheery week my lovelies!!!
Lisa xo

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back so soon?

Yes back again. Apparently, I am on a knitting roll! I am trying to de-stash and these two patterns came along so here I am. This is Mid-December by A Crafty House.
I used stashed yarn so as a result I ran one row short but who's looking right? Great pattern, very easy, so you beginners out there, NOW is the time! Knit and purl, that's all you need to know girls! What are you waiting for?

It will be a little gift to my cousin. You remember her right? She deserves a little treat after looking after hospitalized hubby for sooooo long.
Stay tuned for more de-stashing projects!
:: PS there are more details about this pattern at Ravelry

Friday, January 06, 2012

Back to my Roots

And I don't mean the dark ones on my head. This blog began as a knitting blog and that's what today's post is about. This is the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley. This is a free Ravelry download.
Ignore the cleaning clothes sweats please, I did not dress up for you, I am sorry. See how long and lovely? A great infinity scarf/cowl. Love it! And DN1 loved it. I knit it for her. I tried a pattern last year that was a disaster. This one is scrumptious. And the yarn, oh the yarn. It is Malabrigo Pearl (3 years old) doubled, knit on 9mm circulars. (Wish I ordered from Jimmy Beans, I paid waaaay more than that!)
If you are looking for one of these patterns, it is quick, simple and lovely. Really, give it a try. Below is my gorgeous eldest wearing GAP-tastic. She asked me to deliver it to her at work. So like a good mum, I did.
I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! And I am planning on posting a few pics of the most gorgeous Christmassy things I received. Somewhere, there is a Cath Kidston stockist with very little stock!
much love
Lisa xo

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

yes, hello?

Hi! Remember me? I am the blogger everyone forgot? So I have been on an unexpected bloggy break apparently. I know it's inexcusable but have much to tell you. First, it was my birthday yesterday and I got some lovely presents! Dad and oldest daughter got me the lovely mugs and teapot from you-know-who. I am drinking my Keurig coffee from one right now!
And second little surprise is Marmalade. Mother knew I wanted a ginger cat since Pumpkin, our previous ginger, that had been given to my by one of my mother's neighbours as a "stray" turned out to be someone else's cat! I had him for many months under false pretenses! How hilarious is that? Anyhow, this bundle of sweetness is not overly found of overweight, snoring, snuffly pugs and has had quite a few hissy fits. But we are working on that. I fear there may be some kind of intervention needed in the future however they seem to be tolerating eachother at the moment.
Next order of business. A close family member was critically injured in a devastating construction accident and quite nearly lost his life. My husband and I are very close to this cousin and his wife so I have been at the hospital almost daily for the last three weeks. He has suffered numerous injuries but the other worker was killed in the accident so we are eternally thankful he is alive. We are lucky he is being treated at one of the best hospitals in the country and has come a very long way since he was admitted.
DN2 is safely ensconced at school and doing well in both hockey and her pre-med program. DN1 is in her fifth year, taking a PR grad program and working like a fiend when she isn't in school. She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years in early September and I cannot express to you how devastated she was! It was not pleasant around her for those first couple of weeks! And if you can believe it, my youngest is now in grade 8. Highschool next year!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"The Help" was Amazing

Well I loved it! Great movie, fantastic clothes, gorgeous kitchens and the acting, well let's just say there MUST be Oscar buzz. Especially Octavia Spencer that plays the character "Minny". Quite outstanding.
But the pie! The scenes with the chocolate pies made my mouth water (except that certain scene, and those that have read the book or have seen the movie know exactly what I mean). But this led me on a quest, so as a result I have found two recipes that are suppose to be either the pie recipe from the actual movie and the pie recipe from the author's maid, Demetrie.

Please let me know if you try either of them! Yummmmm!
Lisa xo
PS Blogger is so fussy!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Excellent book. Read it in two days while away on holidays. I had to share it with my mother. The movie premieres here tomorrow.
Can't wait.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking of You

Friday, June 10, 2011

Peony Time!

I know this picture isn't great but the camera has been rather grumpy lately. I had to take this with my blackberry. The peonies are in bloom and they are quite lovely. We have had some wicked stormy weather here the last few days and I was worried they would be destroyed completely! I just love the scent of them.

I am patiently waiting for the curtains. They will be completed soon but I thought I would give you a little picture I took shortly after I painted the bedroom. Not sure if I like the shades I made for the dressing table lamps? What do you think? The originals are cream damask. Something to ponder.

I am still nursing the patient. Her six week post op appointment is Tuesday so we are hoping for some good news. The scars seem to be healing quite well and we have been applying Vitamin E cream which has seemed to speed up the healing process. But she still has some pain when she tries to do too much. My goodness this is a long recovery. Athletes do not sit still very well! And I am not getting half the things done I thought I would!

Here is the patient holding the incredible hailstones from Wednesday evening. We were lucky the cars didn't get dented, they were huge.

I wish I had more to report, but things have been slow around here.

Have a lovely weekend, Ladies!



Friday, May 20, 2011

Climbing Roses and Life

Hello my Lovelies! I know it has been so very long. But I have many good reasons for my absence. Dn2, the hockey player, had bunion surgery 2.5 weeks ago and all I have done for those weeks is the Florence Nightingale thing. 24/7. Both feet were done so it was basically impossible for her do anything for herself. It has been a difficult road for her. A girl that is as active and as fit as her to sit/sleep in the same position for such a long drawn out period. And seeing her in so much pain is really quite horrid for a mother to bear. The recovery is very long for this surgery and we are anticipating her immobility for another two months or so.

I don't leave the house for very long. Maybe a half hour to run to the chemist or to pick up milk etc. So I have not bought one plant for the garden. Not that I am behind at all as the weather here has been wet. Record breaking wet. No one has done any planting as the ground is quite soppy. But I do need to figure out which climbing rose I will plant against the new potting shed.

I want a vigorous one obviously. Fast growing, deep pink or cerise with a fragrance and a repeat bloomer. I know, not much to ask for right? America? Galway Bay? I just can't make a decision.

The curtains in the bedroom still are not done yet. But I did paint the game room/play room about a month ago. It felt so good to get that accomplished and pitched bag fulls that went to charity. I painted it "Elephant's Breath" the Farrow and Ball colour and am so please with it. Fantastic colour I must say.

Well if anyone has suggestions for a great climbing rose I would be terribly appreciative!

And for my Canadian friends have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend!

Lisa xoxo

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Um, Gorgeous


Friday, April 08, 2011

OMG, I love this commercial. Genius, I say.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trip to Bloomsbury

Have you been?

But you simply must!

You will love it!

If you cannot get there physically, then you must do what I did and get the book!
PS did you know we were lucky enough to receive 12 cm of snow yesterday? I thought not.