Friday, September 13, 2013

So long I know...

It was a lovely and busy summer! 
My daughter and her boyfriend painted the living room for me.  F+B Pavilion Gray.  Cannot express to you how much everyone loves the colour.  It is outstanding and simply perfect for this space.  I haven't finished the decorating yet, want a new mirror for above the fireplace and eventually would like white sofas, but for now I am content.
We had a great summer, rented a cottage up north for a month with all the kids and their boyfriends.  We had friends come up, spent the days eating, swimming and shopping.  Was relaxing and refreshing.
Daughter No 2 has gone back to Uni for her last year.  I miss her so when she is gone.  But she is planning on going to Grad school here (to become a dentist) so I will be happy when she is home, back studying here. 
My eldest has finished her graduate studies and is now living with my mom and dad.  Down the street.  I love it!
And my youngest is now 15, has a boyfriend and is loveeeee.
Time is definitely flying.
I have missed you all.  And still continue to read all my blogs.  I finally moved to Bloglovin.
Hopefully I will be back with updates on knitting!
Lisa xo


Tilly Rose said...

Your room looks beautiful!
Love the colour
Tilly x

primrosesattic said...

Love your lounge. The colour is perfect. So glad you had a great summer. My daughter is starting Uni next week for the first time. I feel really excited for her but I know I will miss her terribly. There will be tears.

Madelief said...

Hi Lisa,

Welcome back! Your summer sounds good.

Such a sweet daughter and son in law you have to help you decorate your living room. The walls look beautiful!

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Anna said...

Your living room looks gorgeous!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your living room is lovely, so cosy! X

Clipping Path said...

Such a poignant post and a beautiful photo to accompany it.

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bowledover said...

Your room is lovely and so harmonious, defiantly a place to relax and unwind.
Children grow and move on, it is lovely to watch them develop their own lives while still being so part of your life.
Be well.

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Madeline said...

Another question about the hexigon blanket. Please help: Did you use circular needles and connect the ends so that you knitted the hexagons in a circle and finished in the middle of the hexagon? If not, please tell me what you did.

Thanks again, Madeline

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