Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Canada's 142nd Birthday! What better way to celebrate than to showcase the foody bits that we have contributed to the world. First, buttertarts! Yummmm. You have had a buttertart before, yes?

Of course, you have had the delightful epicurean experience of letting a Nanaimo bar melt on your palate?

A beaver tail perhaps. Deep fried goodness with syrup or chocolate drizzled on it?

And one of my personal favourites, poutine. Chips with gravy and melted cheese.
* * *
Happy, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!
for more info on Canadian cuisine visit wiki


A Time for Stitching said...

Hi there, I'm from the UK and haven't heard of any of these before. They all look yummy but not good for the diet!! Happy Birthday Canada

charl said...

they all look sooo gorgeous to eat... never seen them before though must get recipes for them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I must be missing out. Butter tarts? I never even heard of these three wonderful looking delights! ~Kelly

Vee said...

I've heard of them all, but have not had the pleasure...well, perhaps the beaver tail, which we just call fried dough. Beaver tail sounds so much more unique. Hope that you and yours have enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

Lace hearts said...

I'm getting hungry - there are lots of yummy food posts today. Love the look of those cakes.

Gigi said...

Happy b-day Canada! All those treats look so yummy. We do chili cheese fries (chips) here, but I've never had the cheesy gravy ones -- sounds awfully good.


MelMel said...

Oh yummy!
Happy Birthday to a fab place....x

This Vintage Life... said...

Hmmm, that's an interesting array of culinary delights!
The funny thing is we have a speciality here in Lincolnshire that's very similar to your last dish...cheesy chips! And no, I've never tried it.
Happy Birthday Canada!
Deb x

Josefine said...


Hope you have a nice for your country :) The food look so gooood!!! Wish you a nice evening...hugs

Mar said...

Hello. I was directed to your blog by Lara at Prossigo para o alvo. She had listed yours as one she follows. The name just piqued my curiosity as I am a long time knitter and I, myself, am Vintage (70 this year). I read your entry for Canada Day and was drooling at the butter tarts. I haven't made the for years (expanding waistline!) and now I am soooo tempted. Also, I'm happy to see that you live in Toronto, where I grew up. Now I live in Oshawa, so to be near my family. Looking forward to reading more. Mar.

CAMILLA said...

Hello, I have just come across your post by chance. Wow, what bliss, everything soo beautiful.

I do hope you enjoyed happy 4TH July Day.

I have an interest in floral and vintage, passionate about literature and art. Your pictures are breath-taking, so lovely.

The food looks gloriously yummy.

Thank you for allowing me stop by.


Thea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I lived in Mississauga for almost 7 years and my husband worked in Etobicoke. Could never get into the poutine though. From the other Thea.