Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Non-Stepford Wife

Yes people, I am totally aware that I have not posted in quite a while. I am trying to maintain a Stepford Wife Life and have come to the conclusion I am not succeeding. I am still trying to finish purple Ikea bedroom for daughter No.1 and just got repainted furniture back for daughter No.3's bedroom. As a result, I was not knitting for quite a while. Have started again the last week or so and this is the update:

1. Patons Bella Poncho done but no fringe as I ran out of yarn, am still looking for pink (Hollyhock) yarn to complete.

2. Mission Falls sweater for daughter No.3 done EXCEPT for neckline have redone SEVERAL times and have stretched yarn so much it now resembles pink dental floss.

3. Burgundy Hoodie for daughter No.2 was halfway up back when I held it up to 130lb hockey player daughter to discover I have taken so damn long knitting the thing she has grown at least one size and have to frog it.

4. Pink Mission Falls (leftover from the %$#@ sweater) Umbilical Cord hat from SNB book. Absolutely adorable, so cute I am thinking about getting pregnant. PS Thank you Dianne for the suggestion, DPNS and I are getting along very well and only poked myself in the eye once!

5. Started a shawl for daughter N0.3 cause "Mom they're REALLY hot now you know so could you like make me one and have it done like by Friday?"

6. And of course still working on panel of afghan from pattern book circa 1970 on 3.25mm needles (I think, ahem, been a while since I looked at the poor wee thing).

That's it, I think, but memory is failing so what can I say. OOOH gotta comment on this month's Knitty, WOW! And gotta love the licorice undies. It is HIP to KNIT!

Kids are at camp ALL DAY and should get some housework done and maybe more knitting.

PS Patons Summer Sale should be coming soon!