Monday, October 25, 2010

what i am loving right now

Lululemon clothing. Above is Gisele Bundchen wearing Lululemon pants.

Avril Lavigne (although she obviously did not take advantage of the free alterations)

Eva Longoria, again too long.

Ahh the beautiful Megan Fox. You can find zillions of photos with Megan wearing their clothing. She seems to live in it and now that I have been wearing their items I know why. The pants do something to your bum. In a very good way. It will look better. I am not kidding here.

Nicole Kidman, with a helpful trainer I might add.

Pink working it.

Reese Witherspoon looking cute as always.
I am totally hooked on this clothing line now. Everything I put on makes me look (and feel) GREAT. The pants can be worn with almost anything. Of course you wear them for working out, but you can dress these pants up no problem. With a nice cosy sweater or a comfy cardi everything will look good with these. They have an online site although I have several stores quite close. You have to try it. You will love it! My next purchase will be the yoga coat. Water repellent with a hood. Just what I need.
***and secretly it feels good knowing I can wear the same pants as a supermodel

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Peeks

A peek at my new bed. But that is all you are getting until I paint it. Soon I hope. It is the iron bed "Savannah" from Pottery Barn.

Autumnal roses. And the only lobelia that did well in the whole garden. Nice.

Quick peek at the potting shed. Still waiting for a few odds and ends. I still have to paint the door the blue/grey colour, it is just primed.

And I think the tin on top is new (to me). I found it in the summer and I think I forgot to show you.
Still busy painting, doing some clear out and going away here and there to see my daughter. The weather is cooling nicely now thank goodness. Love Autumn.
Lisa xo

Note: Okay my writing skills are next to nil. I meant I would be painting the room not the bed apparently that autumnal air is not as invigorating as I originally thought ;)