Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Answers

I have been asked a few questions lately and I think now would be a good time to answer them. But first I must tell you about my knitting progress. I am working on the second sock so going at the same rate as the first sock, I should be finished that one by this time next year. I am also working on another baby hat for my little niece/nephew that will be arriving the end of April. (I have so many things I want to knit but feel I am a little late at the starting line)

I wanted to get some Debbie Bliss or Rowan at my lys, but they order both brands in and I wanted yarn NOW. So I picked this up and it is gorgeous. Has anyone ever worked with this? Quite heavenly. And the colours a so beautiful. It is Sirdar Calico. Yummy.

How pretty are those colours?!

I picked up an issue of BBC mag and look who was featured in there? Btw, do we know how old this issue is? Yes, like October or November. Aren't we colonials up to date over here ;) Such a wonderful article, Julia, congratulations!

Oh yes on the computer, writing a post and not a bed made in the house. Yes, if you are checking up on me it is 10:07 am EST and not a bl#*dy thing done all morning.

Not that I always make their beds.

But sometimes, if the mess is really getting to me, I do. Slightly obsessive perhaps.

Mine. Not made. I am dawdling I know.

Still trying to get a decent photo of the curtains. I know, that isn't happening either.
Now for some answers...
1. Frances, the yarn is Trekking XXL from a few years ago.
2. Thank you Marie for the generous offer of sending me Marie Claire from France. How terribly, terribly sweet of you. I can find it here, however I must trudge downtown to get it, but I do get it.
3. I have had a few people ask about the Amy Butler Gumdrop Pillow. It is a copyrighted pattern. I would be in breach of this copyright if I were to post it here or email it to you. The pattern can be found at many online resources and at most sewing shops, especially if they carry her fabric.
And a few funny things...
1. I had a reader email me asking what she thought was an obscure question. Would I happen to know what the pattern of the blue dishes are on the "All Creatures Great and Small" series? Now, dear readers, I ask you, is that an obscure questions for those of us that absorb every detail of our favourite programs? That some us actually watch these shows, specifically for their curtains, dishes and furniture?
My reply was that I did not know but I would try and watch the shows (I have them on DVD) and help her figure it out. In the meantime, I suggested she try
Lovers of Blue and White.
She did. And found her pattern and where to buy it.
How happy am I?
2. While visiting one of my favourite bloggers, Sairer, I got the word verification HOLYSIT. Sorry, it was just too funny not to share. Go visit her and perk her up a bit.
3. Finally, a big thank you to all your lovely comments on my handsome man. Especially you, Elyse, thinking he is pretty darn cute and you not even a dog person ;)
And a special thanks to Bellascountry for an award!
I will be adding it to my sidebar, again, much appreciation.

Have a great day girlies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deep and Adoring Pug Love

Kind of makes you forget the snoring and snorting doesn't it?

Photography by Chris Johnston

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are you up to on this fine day?

I will guess you are just dying to know what I am up too, right? I am so funny. I am eating, savouring and well not to put too fine of a point on it, pigging out totally on the long sought after, previously mentioned biscuits. I FOUND them! Oh the excitement is palatable here. Shortly after I touched on this subject, right here on my little blog I discovered them at my grocery store under a new name. They are now a President's Choice product and are still the same biscuit I have bragged about so many times. After spotting them I had to tell my husband to turn around while I scooped the lot off the shelf. They are now safely hidden in the sideboard in the dining room. Ahhh, relief.

The curtains have been made by my lovely and talented seamstress. I could not get a better shot as the sun is quite hidden in this spot of the house. But they are lurvely. Trust me. I will try and get a better picture so that you can truly appreciate the Sanderson beauty.

Sock knitting at its finest. Slow but beautiful. I knit a pair of these about 3 or 4 years ago in a mauve colourway. They wear like iron. Four winters of wear and not a hole. If you like sock knitting I cannot emphasize more the durability of this yarn. The camera did not pick up the gorgeous colour. It is a pink and pinky red with a moss green.

And finally, washing the green linen curtains that are usually hanging here. I won't get into too much detail but the dog basket sits right beside the curtains on the right and they were quite, um, dirty in that area...however last time I washed them the linen shrunk a wee bit and of course the lining didn't and well I guess that's another job to put on the list.
I am going to assume that everyone had just the jolliest of holidays. We had several days of doing absolutely nothing. Snuggled down in comfy flannel jimjams watching movies and consuming loads (not exaggerating here in the slightest) of chocolate. Did I mention I found these?
Life is good.
PS You know I could have entitled this "Chocolate Biscuits" but I didn't. That would have been the THIRD time ;)

Monday, January 04, 2010

~Vintage Year in Review~

Always contemplating a new colour for the bedroom


My favourite tea towels

Crochet cushion

Beautiful blue and white book

Learning about my new camera

Loving my new blue enamelware


Making the Amy Butler Gum Drop Cushion

Simple Pleasures

With Niki's help, discovering I have Sanderson fabric

Swapping with Mary Poppins

Gingham Christmas
I wish to thank you, all my readers, for your lovely comments throughout the year. You have no idea how much they mean to me.
All the very best in the coming year!