Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Last Minute Knitted Gifts" almost bought myself but DH finally understands my addiction Posted by Hello

Deck Of Knitting Cards (So Cute!) Posted by Hello

Girl Knitting Christmas ornament given to me by Barb from my knitting circle while she was vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine, she was thinking of me! Posted by Hello

I am a lucky girl. And a good girl too, apparently. I received some lovely gifts from friends and family. My assorted loot includes sweaters and books from DH, a whole array of items from Crabtree and Evelyn, kid leather gloves for my new coat, Laura Secord Chocolates, paisley flannel sheets (all from Mom and Dad), DVDs, and a stocking full of cashmere socks and gum (Santa must have a fetish about warm feet and fresh breath, but I digress). Again, I am truly thankful for a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends. I have basically been in my pajamas for the last 3 days, watching movies and every CSI ever recorded *note to self: never, ever touch bedspread in hotel room again*

Suffering from slight chocolate overdose and have visions of giving blood and seeing milk chocolate flowing through tube. I have been eating it before breakfast, as breakfast, at lunch, while cleaning, in bed, before sex, after sex (thought about it during sex) and am starting to think I have had a leeeetle bit too much. Found 22 empty wrappers in my night stand and I think it was me that put them there in some kind of chocolate induced trance. My six year old wants to know why I get to eat it at 8:00 in the morning and she can't. She now knows mummy needs it to keep her sugar count up, God forbid if she repeats this to my diabetic father.

Trying to finish Harry Potter scarf and have two more stripes to do then I am done. Looking to maybe do a doggie sweater for our dog and some mittens, but that's about it in the knitting department. Should go now, DN2 has a hockey tournament game in the morning so I have to find some real clothes to wear for tomorrow.

Knit On

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

As The Year 2004 Comes To A Close I Wish To Thank...

  • my husband for letting me knit everywhere and anywhere without rolling eyes and the earlier sighs
  • my mother (the "Stitch Doctor") for teaching me to knit and being so patient with my "emergency" calls to help repair/decipher/frog my first pathetic attempts
  • my father for accepting the above phone calls without bitching while I was clearly disrupting "your mother's CSI"
  • my children for not freaking everytime they say "Mum?" and I say "I'm counting, hold on"
  • my various friends, neighbours, relatives and other assorted victims that have simply gushed when I have given them my pathetic attempts
  • the earlier yarn store employees that answered my stupid questions without totally cracking up and losing control of bodily functions
  • again, my husband, for not really looking too hard at the credit card receipts and wondering how you spend $202.02 at a place called "The Yarn Tree"
  • and finally all the bloggers that take the time out of their busy days to read the mindless rubbish that I post once or twice a week

Merry Christmas, everyone and may 2005 be healthy, happy and fulfilling to all of you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Are 14 Pairs of Boots Too Many? Posted by Hello
I know you can only see 13 pairs but I couldn't find the black suede ankle boots. So the question is "how many pairs of boots/shoes is too many?" I am a shoe/boot-aholic, or am I? Most women I know seem to have a lot of footwear. They almost all serve a purpose (I admit there are two or three pairs I haven't worn in a couple of years but I just can't seem to justify getting rid of them). Why are women like this? My husband seems to get by just fine with two pairs of boots so why do I need 14?

Knitting? oh right, this is a knitting blog isn't it? Fantastic, most of my Christmas knitting is done and just have to fringe the shawl and finito. I caved on Saturday at Village Yarns and bought my Silk Garden #34 that I have been panting after for months. Decided to make a scarf for myself with it. I am doing the Farrow Rib again from The Little Box of Scarves and it is looking beautiful. Anxious to see how my knitted items go over with the recipients. I think I knit six items this year for gifts. Not bad for an amateur I guess. May post some pics later if anyone is interested.

Added Later:

Shit, this could be a problem

Take the quiz, which Desperate Housewife are you?

Sunday, December 05, 2004

"You Want Me To Put My Hands Where?!"

Yep, those were the words spoken to me by my eldest daughter. What would cause my daughter to rail at me with such venom? Apparently I asked her to do something that nobody, especially 15 year old girls do. It's disgusting. It's despicable. Indeed, I told her to clean the downstairs bathroom. Here is the conversation:

"DN1, can you please clean the bathroom downstairs?" (Have asked this of her before but for some reason, the toilet and floor were not washed, so I was way ahead of her this time)

"And make sure you clean the toilet AND floor this time" (heh, heh almost there, so close)

"Sure mom" she replies, bouncing down the stairs.

(Feeling real good but can you feel something coming?)

"Where do you keep the toilet brush?" (have never, ever owned a "toilet brush" and you would think that teenage daughter would probably, at some point have seen said brush after cruising around this house for say 15 YEARS)

"We don't have a toilet brush, honey you have to wash with your hands".

(Ya think it's now don't you? WRONG)

"Oh, well where's the rubber gloves, under the sink?" (now maybe it's just me but I never feel like I can clean properly with a layer of latex between me and the E. coli so armed with a jug of javex, I go commando)

"No babe, I don't use rubber gloves..."

(Wait for it...)

"Well, what do you use?" (said with total innocence, honest to God)

"Just my bare hands, babe just my bare hands."



Sink was semi cleaned. Toilet still had ring. Floor has more hair than Don King. I am refusing to clean said bathroom. The stand off continues...