Thursday, March 31, 2005

And Another Pose, Just Because Posted by Hello
Don't you just love them? I know I said I wouldn't talk about them but that was yesterday.

This One Is My Lunchbag Posted by Hello

May I Present...The Buttonhole Bag Posted by Hello
This one is a gift for a 1st Communion on the weekend. I plan on filling it with gifts. I did this one in Paton's classic wool (grey), Lamb's Pride (pink) and Philosopher's Wool (purple). As you can see the LP and the Paton's felted remarkably well and the Philosopher's could have used another few minutes in the washer but I didn't want it much smaller than that. The pink is not really that Day Glo looking in real life, I had a hard time capturing the exact colour wherever I moved it, grand photographer I am not.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I give you the coveted Fiber Trends clogs Posted by Hello

FIL's scarf and Cool Hats Posted by Hello

Complete and Utter Denial

I won't tell you what is in the washer right now. I will not talk about, write about or link to anything that has to do with the Buttonhole Bag. I know you are all sick of reading about it just as the children and DH are about ready to stuff that felted thing right up my... well you get the picture. My mother is just as fed up as they are, apparently if I swing that thing one more time in front of her (with its oh so beautifully formed buttonholes) she's going to thrash me (whatever the hell that means but she's been saying it to me since I was this high).
On another note, the mystery is solved. My Fiber Trends slippers went missing. I have been looking for them since I got home from my knitting group last night. Now don't worry, I found them about 9:30 this morning and no ransom note was ever found, BUT I have the distinct feeling that they did not get lost on their own. This is my theory and deductions thus far:
• DN1 initially laughed hysterically when I began knitting these, at first, behemoth slippers
• after completion, said daughter began commenting about slippers with little phrases like "they look real cozy" and "what other colours does that wool come in"

• eventually, DN1 eats a huge piece of crow pie and asks if I will knit her a pair. My answer is that she makes fun of almost everything I knit/wear/say/eat/like/buy and that the hat I knit for her never gets worn so no I will not (although I really am going to after I complete my husband's but she doesn't know this yet)
• she replies with "well, I like my Laura Ashley ones more than those anyhow" but there is something in her eyes that tells me different
• more comments follow, such as "you really love those slippers don't ya mum?"
• slippers go missing and are later found under huge pile of laundry in basement (she knew chances were slim I would find them there since laundry gets done here only on a "need to use" basis)
Nobody pulls the felted and blocked wool over my eyes.

PS Blogger is all screwed today so excuse any mess that shows up here
PSS Great blog for Scarf Style disciples

Thursday, March 24, 2005

fait accompli

I feel a Buttonhole Bag frenzy coming upon me. Finished that little sucker in one day. I am using it for a little lunchbag type thing. When I do errands I take a water bottle and banana or granola bar and this is perfect for it. Older daughter looooves it so I am making her one for Easter in spring colours and I will fill it with chocolate and funky stuff 15 year olds love. I think I will make a gazillion of them since it only takes a day. I used some wool I had in stash, one of which I am not even sure who made it but the other two were Lopi and Philosopher's Wool.Gotta go, I am heading to Village Yarns to pick up some Lamb's Pride for more bags and a pair of clogs for DH. Happy Easter! PS Go visit MasonDixon and knit yourself one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sittin', Knittin', Bitchin'

We did some show and tell at my knitting group last night and doesn't everyone just love my Fiber Trends slippers/clogs. Of course everyone wants to knit them now. I must say they are very cosy and comfortable and DN1 actually thought I bought them so I guess that is a good thing. Next on my list, which I have already started are these. And another picture. How cute and adorable is this? Thanks to Mason Dixon for their pattern. I have about half of it complete. (easy enough to do during a SNB). The felting thing really is addictive.

Now for some knitting humour. You simply must go here under Madame Defarge Strikes Back. I read about this in this book and really could not believe it happened. I tried to find a picture on google to show you guys but no luck. Wouldn't you love to see a picture of it? What do you do if it rains?

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Have Survived...

Another March break. Started off kinda hazy (I am trying to delete last week, too many bad memories) but it slowly got better. Wish I could have done more with the kids but seeing as our house was under quarantine, well you know how it is. Lots of this and that.

Knitting is rolling along nicely. My clogs are almost done but I can't take a picture as I am still waiting for a tall, dark and handsome IT guy to darken my doorway. I finished the alpaca silk scarf for hubby from here and am very pleased with the result. I am also working on a fur stitch scarf, from here, for my MIL so it's happenin' here baby, I am a machine.

Took a little grammar test today and must say I scored "Advanced". Wanna give it a try? Come on, I know you, just go. (Hope the author of this test never reads my blog and my constant grammar mistakes and my oh so annoying slang)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Got Tagged!

Last Book Read
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling

You all know the story right? Damn, had to get tagged while reading something so blah. Where were you people when I was reading Lady Chatterley's Lover?

Where It Came From
DN2's bedroom. I was really desperate for something to read one night and raided her library. Was either the Potter series or one of 30 or so books on hockey.

Books Read Per Year

I used to read about 3 or 4 books per week. That was before the knitting addiction. Now it is about a book a week, depending on what's on the needles. I also tend to read more than one book at a time.

Favourite Genre

By far, British mysteries. I just don't think anyone (Canadians included) can do murder, mayhem and misery like the British can. That being said, I have exhausted almost all of my best loved authors and am patiently waiting for them to release their newest. I also make myself read something non-fiction every 3 or 4 books to keep those little grey cells healthy.

Favourite Books of All Time

1. My Left Foot by Christy Brown

Riveting tale of survival and achievement. Nothing can really compare to this tale. I am a fan of Irish authors as they are some of the greatest storytellers in the world.

2. Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Mesmerizing story with a touch of mystery and psychological suspense. I know there were some people out there that really didn't enjoy this read but I found it very moving indeed.

3. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Historical fiction based on the biblical Dinah. Fascinating subject matter (love history and the study of Judaism) and really enjoyed being in a place and time I had never traveled to before. I also have enjoyed, Living a Jewish Life co-written with Howard Cooper.

4. All Miss Marple Books by Agatha Christie

I am never more at home than when I am reading Christie. I am there. I can feel the oriental carpet beneath my feet, smell the wood burning in the fireplace and and hear the knitting needles clicking behind the wing of the chair.

5. The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

Although I profess not to be, I guess I am a romantic at heart. I don't think many of us will ever be lucky enough to live and feel this kind of love. It really is one of those must reads.

Michele was right, this was very difficult. I did not include any of my favourite non-fiction such as The Psychology of Interpersonal Behavior by Michael Argyle or The Explosive Child by Ross W. Green cause I think it would bore the pants off of you people but they help me see through a window that I find fascinating (and sometimes scary).

Thanks for tagging me Michele, now I have to think of someone to tag, mmmm?

Friday, March 11, 2005


Typhoid Mary aka DN3 has struck again. I got it, DN1 just came home with it. DN2 has gone to Grandma's to try and run from it (big play off hockey game tonight, wants to stay healthy) and DH is waiting for it to strike any minute. Anyone else suffering? We're really to blech to blog.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Univomiter

For those that need to revel in my misfortune and/misery please read on.

Where to start? Let's go back to Friday. Loaded the washing machine and started cleaning. DN1 has a day off school and goes down to the laundry room and comes upstairs and asks me why the floor in there is flooded. I race down there to find that the sink that takes the overflow of dirty water from the washer is plugged. It has overflowed and flooded the room. I mop. And mop. Do the Drano thing twice. Nothing. No laundry for Friday. Step ahead to Saturday. DH tries to no avail to unclog clog. Coat hanger, plunging, you get the idea. (Around this time I do a very stupid thing that directly results in another flood in there but I can only divulge so much of my imbecility). Sunday we decide to call contractor and get his plumber over. Left message, no response. Sunday I take three loads of laundry to MIL house and my mum takes two loads to her house. Monday rolls around and no call from plumber. DN2 has hockey game and DH takes her, I will meet them over there with DN3. Right before we leave, DN3 says her tummy is upset. Don't go to game. Game finishes and DH invites the usual 5 or 6 people over for coffee. Chris, friend and all around handy guy comes over and offers to look at clogged sink. Within 5 minutes (after banging pipes, what the hell does that do?) clog has unclogged.

Days of hell over? Not on your life, baby! And what would my blog be without the usual cataclysmic entries? But I digress...

As we are all enjoying coffee(I am happily knitting away another "Cool Hat"), got a load of washing in (life is good) and then DN3 comes up to the kitchen and says she reeeeally doesn't feel well, she thinks she's going to... you guessed it. I try and push her into the back powder room while my husband cups his hand under her mouth (did I tell you today how much I love him?) but this is not helping. It is everywhere. Kitchen, back hallway (where there are BOOTS in the way), bathroom, you get the idea. DH gets her up to bed and I proceed to fumigate 50% of our main floor. After complete sterilization process is completed, friends (spectators?) have gone home, we are just getting ready for bed and more explosions. In bed, main bathroom upstairs, (thank God I had the presence of mind to remove the oriental rug in there) it ain't pretty.

I now, at this moment, have 11 loads of wash. But hey, at least I can use the washing machine right? Come on people, I need a bit of positive karma right now. I know I should look on the bright side because we had only two floods this week but I can hear Negativity and
Pessimism knocking on the door.

Maybe I should go knit. That'll help.

Did I mention I think I'm coming on my period?

Friday, March 04, 2005

It's Better Than Being Bree...

You are Betty Grable!
You're Betty Grable!

brought to you by


And a well deserved congratulations to Elizabeth for her creative ingenuity. Go see what she has done. And just when you're learning to cope with wet socks, wet dogs and wet floors you see this, and start to wonder, " Why is it again you live in Canada?"