Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I Could Get Some Advice Here...

Absolutely, for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my camera cannot be fixed. So I need some suggestions from my faithful readers. I know many of you have fantastic cameras and I would love your input. Do I continue with my Canon love affair? Do I try Fuji? Please, all suggestions will be considered. And of course, it must be of the point and shoot variety. I am far too timid to be an SLR girl.

This was my first camera, btw. I loved it. Is that not the most delightful flash ever? It was this little cube that would rotate. Thanks for dropping by, girls.

Lisa xoxo

PS Thanks for your most gracious comments on my paint job!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Charming and Beautiful

I have just discovered this wonderful artist.

Her name is Janet Hill.

I think her work is stunning.

The problem is I cannot decide on which ones to buy and when I do, they are sold.

They do get bought up quickly.

Can't you see why?

She also has an etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Almost Done

Hello, you. I am still busy cleaning, putting away, sorting and well, you know how it is after a big paint job.

I am really pleased with the colours. The trim is parma gray and the walls are pointing, both Farrow and Ball colours.

Unforntunately, there have been some fatalities. Two of my most beloved pink transferware cups were broken. Don't ask, but basically trying to do too much at one time. Very upset about that. Especially since I have so much of the set. So disappointed in myself.

But onward and upward. Did anyone watch Grey Gardens? It was simply fabulous. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange were both phenomenal. I would not be suprised if one or the other were nominated for awards. And the set design was stunningly beautiful. Of course, the costumes were to die for...

Saturday, April 18, 2009



Grey Gardens

I have been looking forward to this for months! We are painting but I plan to be sitting with my cup of tea by 8:00. Wish me luck, my pretties!
* * *
For more information on this poignant story, read here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chocolate Deprived Easter for the Knitty Household

Don't I just have the most lovely Easter greeting for all my faithful readers. I planned some appropriate words and some little tidbits to wish you all a Spring Welcome etc. Instead, tonight we come home to a very hyper dog.
In the living room we find all that remains for the children's special day is a few ripped up pieces of plastic and cardboard. The sweet chocolate Peter Rabbit nowhere to be found. The boxes of chocolate given to all three girls from my mum and dad nothing but saliva encased bits of paper and what used to be cardboard.
My pug, however, looks like he gained 5 pounds. And he is WIRED. We have been through this before. Hallowe'en he got into the chocolate bars and devoured 17 bars before we found him and the wrappers. He did not like the Aero bars but had a passion for the Kitkats. He had gone on a chair, tore open the bag, chewed through the box and ate them. Nothing was left except the Aero bars. I immediately called the vet and they told me the real danger is the really good chocolate and not these kind as they have very little "real" cocoa in them. Thank God. He was fine. Just really, really, hyper.
I am really hoping I do not wake up Easter morning to see a re-appearance of the digested chocolate if you understand my meaning.
Hoping you are all having a better one than I. And what the heck can the Easter Bunny produce in the next 8 hours??? All I have in the cupboard is a half eaten package of TimTams and some left over Cinnamon hearts from Valentine's Day...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My New Favourite Book

How pretty are these images? I think this is my new favourite.

You know how I love blue and white. It is so nice to see it incorporated in new and innovative ways. More modern and fresh.

Not quite so matchy-matchy if you know what I mean. But still flows.

I love blues and greens together. And I just love the powerful look of purple and blue like the mix below.

The book is Decorating with Blue and White by Gail Abbott.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogging Privacy

I have just read, with such a sad heart, the terrible time A Thrifty Mrs. has had at her blog. I know many of you sympathise with her and can understand the horrendous time she must have had dealing with this and having to get the police involved. I read her blog all the time and enjoy it very much but wonder if this may give her or others a reason to discontinue blogging. I have met so many wonderful people from the blogging world and it is so disheartening when something like this happens. Scary even.

I have, on many occasions wanted to let you all in to my home on a much more personal level but have not simply because of something like this. There has been many moments, especially last week, when I have wanted to give you more intimate details of my life and my family's accomplishments but have not for fear of a similar situation. I have never really shown pictures of me or my family and wonder sometimes if I am too over cautious. Do any of you worry about this? I have never shown the outside of my home (with the house number) or have gone in to too much detail of exactly where I live or my general area. I have always wondered if there really are people out there that "stalk".

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

And the Winner is...

Lissylou! (thanks Your prize includes a Cath pillowcase, 4 dusting cloths, some spotty and gingham tea towels and a magazine of your choice! I hope you like it. Please email me with your magazine preference and address and I will post it as soon as I can.

I cannot describe to you the week and a half I have had. I was gone all week to my daughter's school provincials for hockey. And didn't they win it all? Gold Medal. Not only has their school never won it for hockey, let alone girl's hockey but their region has never won either. Really, big, big news. Our newspaper has covered it and there has been no less than three articles in there, mostly highlighting my daughter. There has been in person interviews, telephone interviews and photo shoots. Absolutely crazy, especially when you have a daughter that abhors the limelight. I'm not kidding. It embarrasses her to no end. So there was that.

Before I left to go away I got this fantastic idea to paint the kitchen. First I painted the window to see if I liked the colour. I do. Now I must organise myself enough to get the rest of the kitchen and sitting area painted. The window colour is Parma Gray by Farrow and Ball and the walls will be Pointing. I am laughing because I really do not know when I will get to this...

Like as if time will magically appear out of nowhere.

Can you see my latest little addition to my family? Sairer at PrettyShabby just blogged about her little red beauty and I had just picked this up before I left. I really love this colour blue. Peaceful.

Just a glamour shot of my dresser.

And many, many heartfelt thanks to Happy Loves Rosie for this wonderul award. I am so terribly pleased.
* * *
On another note, I did something to my right knee yesterday and it does not appear to be working properly. It may have been that little "ping" I heard as I was ascending the stairs. I don't think hearing a little "ping" in your knee is a good thing so I am going right now to have a wee rest. See what I mean about the painting?
And thank you all so much for entering my little contest. I did not realize there were so many of you out there that read my little blurbs ;)
Lisa xoxo