Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Pretties!

I have missed you! We have been so busy here the last week or two. We have done 14 university interviews and have to more in the coming weeks. My daughter will have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 favourites then we will make official visits to the campuses sometime in September or October. These meetings have eaten up so much of my summer! Thank goodness we are going away soon. It has been utter chaos trying to get everyone together for holidays. The oldest can only get two days off of work which do not coincide with DN2 days off between tryouts for both the National Hockey team and the Provincial Hockey team. Does anyone else have this trouble with older children? Trying to get everyone together just for a few days has been exhausting to say the least.

Our weather here has been very rainy. No picnics or outings, really. Perhaps I should be utilizing this downtime with craft? Mmmmm? Could there be a little surprise in the works? I am also starting to get things together to go to the country. I always pack some nice rosy sheets to take along in case I dislike the furniture or if it is leather (sticky humidity + leather seating = well you get the picture). I also bring a few blankets and of course our favourite pillows with our vintage pillowcases. As a result, once I get there and arrange things to my specification it almost looks like home.

There is a George Carlin skit called "stuff". Whenever I pack, I think of this routine. That is me. I have to have my "stuff" around me to feel comfy, cosy. Are you like that when you go on holidays?

* * *

Will pop back when I can. And thanks for taking time to read my little bits.

Lisa xoxo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Please, Please Tell Me...

Why do the clotheslines break AFTER you have put the last item on them?

Friday, July 10, 2009


I did tell you July would be crazy for me. It is. We have had two universities visit us per day for the last couple of days. These visits are lasting close to 3 hours each. I think we need a little break. I have been trying to squeeze in some crochet along the way and found a wonderful deal at an online shop quite close to here. I love the Cascade 220 for the ripple blanket and managed to snag quite the bargain. If you are interested in the name I will look it up for you, the name has popped out of my mind at the moment.

I am also trying to catch a few moments in the chubby chair for reading. However this is the favourite chair in the house for reading so you almost have to reserve it. Great for napping too.

A quick shot of the garden. I have been negligent in this department. We must spend the weekend weeding, trimming and mowing. (Is that any kind of break?!)

Finally a bit of bloom. We have had below average temperatures with quite a bit of rain. But I am not complaining! Others are, which astounds me. What is wrong with 22/24 degree temperatures? We are usually frying in the mid 30's at this point.

Lovely pink hydrangea is also loving these days.

As is her cousin, blue.
I do not know when I will be able to pop in again, but I do hope you are all having a fantastic summer and trying to keep cool in the heatwave some of you are experiencing. Poor you!
Lisa xoxo

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Canada's 142nd Birthday! What better way to celebrate than to showcase the foody bits that we have contributed to the world. First, buttertarts! Yummmm. You have had a buttertart before, yes?

Of course, you have had the delightful epicurean experience of letting a Nanaimo bar melt on your palate?

A beaver tail perhaps. Deep fried goodness with syrup or chocolate drizzled on it?

And one of my personal favourites, poutine. Chips with gravy and melted cheese.
* * *
Happy, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!
for more info on Canadian cuisine visit wiki