Friday, November 27, 2009

I am so sickened by this...

What is going to happen next? I am very confused.
How could things have escalated to this degree?
I am still reading reports.
And the saddest thing? My eldest daughter has asked most of her friends and family to donate to The Toronto Humane Society instead of Christmas gifts. Apparently some of the donated funds are used for useless lawsuits.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jam and Bread

My bedroom is very special to me. I tend to luxuriate in there. I knit in bed. I read in bed. I drink tea in bed. I eat jam and bread in bed. Sometimes, on rainy Saturdays or Sundays, my husband and I just spend salubrious hours, cosied right in beneath the duvets. Right now it is a very soothing green colour. I know it needs to be painted but I loathe the thought of actually doing it. I just lurve this bedroom with the gingham headboard and the ever so lovely wallpaper. Tranquil.

My problem is I love too many styles. And colours. And patterns.

I wish I could pinpoint the look I really want. But, alas, I cannot.

Blues, greens and pinky reds are definitely some of my very favourites.

How sweet is this spot blanket? And the lovely, lovely flowery sheets? Divine!

See how I just love it all? How I cannot make up my mind? Too many choices I tell you!

And just look at that scrummy pale blue pillowslip? And let us not forget that perpetual problem of the husband. Where are the boundaries there?
Photos::Bella Notte, Pineconehill, Google Images

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

I know I should be posting pictures of my trip, and I will but I just had to show you someone special.

This is Pumpkin. He showed up at our door around Thanksgiving. Hence the name Pumpkin. He is very, very handsome. And lovable. He doesn't seem to mind the crazy lady that feeds him in her pajamas during the daytime.

He also does not seem to mind kids going in and out with hockey bags, knapsacks and hockey sticks.

And although he knows they are way beneath him, he tolerates the occasional pug that crosses his path. You just know in his head he is saying "silly bugger".
Soon to update you on my trip with pictures. Did I tell you they won the Gold Medal?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mary Poppins

Floated in with her umbrella and carpet bag in hand

Many wonderful items were lovingly made

But a special place in my heart

warms to the beauty

of luscious green

Words cannot express my appreciation

Words cannot express my appreciation, Thank you, Mary.

PS Blogger is quite naughty today and will not allow me to link. Please drop by and see Mary at

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Leaving Soon

Hello my Pretties! I can only hope your Hallowe'en was as enjoyable as mine. Today is my birthday and we have been celebrating it all weekend. My middle daughter had to leave today for Vancouver as she has been chosen to play at the Women's Nationals for hockey. We are flying out on Wednesday for six days to watch the games. Which leads me to an important question. If any of my readers come from the Vancouver/Surrey area I would appreciate a little insider information on where to go for our type of stuff. You know what I mean. Vintage, antiques, thrift/charity shops, cheery little shops with that touch of retro? Please let me know if you are in possession of this kind of top secret information. I promise not to tell anyone if it is your little secret.
* * *
Have a great week, my Lovelies!