Monday, March 19, 2007

Away for a week

In the nation's capital for OFSAA. Will be visiting Yarn Forward as a break from hockey games. Can't wait to sink my teeth into a beaver tail.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hexagons Knit not Crochet

First let me show you some of my beautiful tulips. There, now that you are smiling a wee bit you can help me with a dilemma.

I have been trying to figure out how to knit hexagons like my mum used to knit back in the early seventies. I had asked my creative buddies at Knitter's Review and although they were very creative and knowledgeable they could not help me recreate an exact replica. So frustrated and determined I searched mother's house and eventually found the antiquated pattern.

Of course, the question now being, am I able to post this pattern on my blog? There is no copyright information on the piece of paper nor a reference as to where it came from. It is just a typewritten pattern with "1970" at the top.

I have scanned one of the hexagons I have knitted to see if this rings a bell with anyone.

They really are quite darling and once you knit them together it becomes a cross between a quilt and afghan. Very stylish at the moment. Especially for those trying to hop on the hexagon bandwagon that can't crochet.

Any informative bits about what I can or can't do would be appreciated.

Monday, March 05, 2007

No Sewing Machine

And really that never used to bother me. But all the lovely sites I visit that seem to cross over from knitting/crochet is becoming overwhelming and well, addictive. Did you know blogs are addictive? I DO NOT SEW, yet I want to. Isn't that crazy? And am I becoming, dare I say it? Crafty? Am I doomed to be the little old lady at the charity booth selling the crochet loo roll covers?

And is it wrong to be totally in love with this little sewing kit?

Do I have the time, energy, and quite frankly, a strong enough marriage to add another craft to my repertoire?

Oh, and btw, where do all these people get so much talent?