Friday, May 20, 2011

Climbing Roses and Life

Hello my Lovelies! I know it has been so very long. But I have many good reasons for my absence. Dn2, the hockey player, had bunion surgery 2.5 weeks ago and all I have done for those weeks is the Florence Nightingale thing. 24/7. Both feet were done so it was basically impossible for her do anything for herself. It has been a difficult road for her. A girl that is as active and as fit as her to sit/sleep in the same position for such a long drawn out period. And seeing her in so much pain is really quite horrid for a mother to bear. The recovery is very long for this surgery and we are anticipating her immobility for another two months or so.

I don't leave the house for very long. Maybe a half hour to run to the chemist or to pick up milk etc. So I have not bought one plant for the garden. Not that I am behind at all as the weather here has been wet. Record breaking wet. No one has done any planting as the ground is quite soppy. But I do need to figure out which climbing rose I will plant against the new potting shed.

I want a vigorous one obviously. Fast growing, deep pink or cerise with a fragrance and a repeat bloomer. I know, not much to ask for right? America? Galway Bay? I just can't make a decision.

The curtains in the bedroom still are not done yet. But I did paint the game room/play room about a month ago. It felt so good to get that accomplished and pitched bag fulls that went to charity. I painted it "Elephant's Breath" the Farrow and Ball colour and am so please with it. Fantastic colour I must say.

Well if anyone has suggestions for a great climbing rose I would be terribly appreciative!

And for my Canadian friends have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend!

Lisa xoxo

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Um, Gorgeous