Friday, October 21, 2005

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

I am beginning to fear time, just like in the game we played as kids. I don't have enough of it and it seems to be getting away from me somehow. Anyone else feel this way? I just am NOT getting everything done I need to get done. Simple as that. However, I have been busy knitting. And reading. Could this be why I have no time?

Can you read this? The instructions for the felted slippers are amazing and concise but bloody hell, I cannot do this pattern and watch tv at the same time!
And looky what came in the mail yesterday. Not particulary impressed with the Vogue issue. Nothing practical and usually I love the Vogues. Easy Knitting isn't too bad and the bag on the cover is cute but really, I find quite a bit of info in the mags I already know so they just don't have the power to excite me like they used to.

Fantastic book. If you have not read this yet, get it. Very informative and she is not as dumb as some people think she is. She has it together and is a very brave and innovative person. It's all good. The other books are A Cold Treachery and the knitting bible Knitting in Plain English. Oh, and for other Anglophiles (like you Elizabeth), I have been reading this book I found in my bookcase:
It is The Royal Book of Lists and the author, Matt Richardson, is actually from Richmond Hill, Ontario. We royalists are everywhere.


Just to get off of the reading/knitting subject for a moment, I have a shower to go to on Sunday. Your typical italian shower, at a hall, with probably 100 or so women. My problem is, it is a monetary shower. Which means, of course, I am not to bring a gift but give money. Personally, I think these are tasteless. I do not think you should ask for money at a shower, but regardless I must attend but I have no idea what amount to give. Should I give what I would have spent for a shower gift? I guess so but it still rubs me the wrong way. We will be attending this wedding in January and that in itself will be well over $1000.00 when you take into account the money gift ($500.00 to 600.00) plus outfits for three girls and myself well we're actually looking at well over a grand. Okay, I vented. I feel much better now.

Thanks. And have a great weekend. We are going here Saturday night, should I be afraid?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Would these be size 500 mm Needles?

Thanks to the Champagne Bohemian for a great picture. Busy, Busy weekend. Hockey tournament for DN2. The first rink she played at was here. Yes, that is a Chinese Food Court/Plaza. The rink is in the lower level/basement of this plaza. It is one of the most disgusting rinks in the GTA. The bathrooms were so bad, one of the mother's came out and almost tossed her Timmy's, it was so disgusting. She was positively ashen when she came out. How sickening is that. Don't get me wrong here, I know some really horrific rinks. Double Rinks/Vaughan Iceplex is right up there as well. But loos that make you want to vomit? The things we do for our children. Gotta go make breakfast will try and update more soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yesterday was for blogging

You must check out Norma's post on all natural healing. Totally stimulating and mind provoking. She has even recommended a book for me that I have already ordered online. It amazes me how many bloggers take the time out of their busy day to help others. Selfless. It's also nice to know that you are not suffering alone and that you are not crazy and the pain/discomfort is not in your head. So go read. You'll thank me.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things that confused me as a kid...

I know I saw this on a blog somewheres but I cannot for the life of me remember where. I have been blogging for a good hour now, trying to catch up on all my favs and have read about 20 or so. Seemed like a good subject so off we pop.

Things that confused me as a kid:

1. My girlfriend's aunt. She lived four houses away from me when I was little. She drove a souped up green Dodge Dart with mag wheels. Her hair was cut super short. She wore plain white tee shirts with her cigarette package shoved up the sleeve and always had a cute lady/female with her. Damn, wasn't I like in my twenties before it hit me.

2. All the dogs I knew as a kid would end up running away from home. Mr. Moore's dog Puddles, Poncho, Bebe. It wasn't until I was talking to some neighbours a year or so ago that I found out they all died. Some got hit by cars, others just conked out. How naive is that?

3. Quebec Separation. Not that that subject isn't confusing enough but let me tell ya when you are in grade four and need a current event story this is NOT the way to go. It is my turn and of course I got nothing. Zero. Nadda. I am listening to the radio over breakfast and hear about the "separation" thing. But get this. I don't listen to the whole thing. Get up in front of the class and tell them Quebec is going to separate from Canada. They don't like it here anymore. So they are going to all get a shovel and dig around the border and SEPARATE. And they are going to move out into the Atlantic Ocean. You should have seen the teacher trying to stop me. Talk about a train wreck...

Believe me, there is a tonne more but I cannot completely divulge how utterly stupid and naive I was as a child, lest you think it may have carried over to adulthood (yes Clara, I hear you laughing, shut up). I will update all of you as soon as I can. Much to tell, little time for writing. And no, I have not forgotten Tuesdays are for Blogging, I just had my knickers in a twist this week and should be back to normal soon.