Thursday, June 25, 2009

Read, Reading, Will Read



Will read.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rose and Peony Parade

More peonies to love and admire. My mother's are not fully in bloom yet but I will be pilfering some from there as well. Mine are almost finished.

This is Earth Song. What a heavenly shaped rose. Such a pretty colour as well.

John Cabot is doing his bit. It was so windy I was unable to get a really nice photo. I am sure there will be more to come.

William Baffin looking every so charming. He is a very hard worker and loves where he is living. Morning sun and later afternoon sun seems to be his preference. There are hundreds (thousands?) of buds, just waiting to open.

We are still waiting for the Fairy and my Celeste. Soon.
My summer is really shaping up to be a busy one. I have enrolled the youngest in a camp for two weeks and hopefully a soccer camp later in the summer. We will be away up north for a week or two with my mum and dad, which we do every year. I am also suppose to be going away again with some friends for a weekend shopping in the US and will also be making some trips down there for University trips for DN2. We also have 8-10 home visits lined up with the US universities that wish to come see my daughter at home. This will be taking up much of July.
Again, not sure where all this "time" is suppose to materialise from.
Also, I just made up another batch of the laundry powder. It really lasted quite a long time and am ever so pleased with it. Have you tried it yet?
PS Thank you so very much for your lovely comments on my flowers and the new header. As always, you make my day (week, month...)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, Really?

I know what you are saying. I know I am taking way too many flower photos but I am truly just trying to see how this camera works.

Apparently there is this menu for colour. I have just discovered it. It is Vivid. I think it makes a bit of a difference. More vivid, maybe. (I am so funny)

Okay this one not so good. I don't think I waited long enough for full power after the last picture. Trial and error.

And finally, this is Celeste (celestial) rose. It is always a gamble whether she will bloom. Aphids attack her like there's not tomorrow. Will I get blooms? We shall see. I am patiently waiting for John Cabot, William Baffin and the Fairy to bloom. Aren't you excited? More flower pictures coming soon ;)
Have a great day Ladies!
Did you notice my new banner?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lazy, Rainy, Flowery Sunday

Most of us are still snuggled in bed. It is very cloudy and overcast today with rain expected for the next few days. Motivation to run out to the garden and get a few of these beauties before they are pummeled by rain. That would be my luck. The hail storm we had a few weeks back destroyed many of the leaves and a handful of buds. I have showcased them in my enamel teapot and or coffeepot.
This picture is definitely more true to the colour. What a pretty blue. I wish I could find more enamel in this colour, it is so delightful.

Doesn't she seem terribly happy on the dresser?

The rest of the day will be with Romantic Homes. Me, tea and romantic charm. That's it.

Oh, and Mr. Youknowwho as well. He doesn't take well to rain at all. He is usually curled up into a ball with BOTH feet and part of his snout in my slippers. How cute is that?
Happy Sunday, Ladies.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yummy Potting Sheds and other Ideas

How absolutely delightful. During my quest for shed resources I have come across this brilliant book. Yes, maybe a little more Chic than Shed, but I am loving this book. How utterly bohemian would it be to have this caravan in your back garden!

A relaxing cup of tea and a biscuit here surrounded by all the flowers you love?

Or to dine alfresco with all this Christina Strutt loveliness? How beautiful is that?

I want to cosy up on this daybed with a book and revel in the squishiness of it. And how gorgeous is that heart shaped cushion with that stunning print?

A guest bedroom shed.

I must admit I am truly loving this but where would my lawn mower and bug killer go? It just doesn't co-ordinate somehow with the chintz.

Love the rustic charm of this.

I just like this. No special reason other than a feeling of contentment.

I love the white beadboard and the chandelier.

Okay, maybe technically they are not true potting sheds but the photography and rooms are amazing. I love this book and have been through it at least 5 times. You simply must beg, borrow or buy this as I am sure you will be as captivated by the beauty as I am.

all photos :: Shed Chic by Sally Coulthard