Monday, January 29, 2007 the crochet bug and it hurts

After reading the inspirational ramblings of Bella Dia I have succumbed to crochet. I kneel at the feet of the person that invented this fabulous craft. I love it. It took me a whole weekend to figure out but I am definitely loving it. But man does it eat up the yarn. Here I am thinking I will use all the small balls of left over yarn for this little lap throw/afghan. Brilliant idea yes? Except when you realize you are running out and have to actually PURCHASE yarn for your stash busting project. I know, counterproductive but necessary. So after much toil I am almost finished this little project. The Bella Dia pattern and tutorial is available on her website and it is loosely based on the one that Yarnstorm did a month or so ago. Now I am not quite a novice yet (I only know how to chain, single crochet and double crochet) but I am an apt pupil and plan to continue learning more and more. I must admit however, there are only certain items that interest me that are crochet made. Blankets and such are lovely and I want to learn the granny square thing. 200 Crochet Blocks is next on my purchase list.

I am still on the pincushion wagon and will continue to whip up more of those little cuties. In the mean time there are kids to feed, drive, and yell at so if you will excuse me...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sew Cute!

Well, can you believe me, the one that abhors sewing up actually sewed something? These little cuties were just too adorable to pass up. Not to mention I don't have a pincushion so voila! The fact that I cannot sew didn't seem to stop me. I know I won't win any awards but it will suit me just fine. But damn aren't they just darling? You can get the pattern at Whip Up which by the way is a great site.

Totally off topic, but must comment on the news item today about shoppers that frequent Winners and Homesense. Apparently their computers have been hacked and everyone's credit card and debit card information is at risk. Little worried here. I kinda live at these two stores and always use credit.

No new knitting really. Just looking for a good kid mitten pattern for a chunky yarn to do up a quick pair for DN3. Was about to do one I found on the net. Til I got to the part where you have to crochet the thumb closed. Hello...Crochet??? I can't crochet. I want to crochet but unless you can seam a thumb with a wicked chain stitch than that ain't happening. Do most people assume that if you knit you can crochet? Just sayin'.

PS Did you notice all the new blog links I gave you? Your welcome.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kung Hei Fat Choy

So I am a little late with the traditional New Year salutation so now I am early for the Chinese one.

How the heck is everyone? My Christmas was quiet and restful. My husband and I slept in almost everyday and then we would stay in there most of the morning drinking Timmy's and watching tv. My knitting goodies included a Lantern Moon bag that I am returning (lovely but too beach baggy looking for my liking), a darling little hat kit and the Mason Dixon Knitting book.

Everything else is pretty much the same. Not a whole lot to report. Although I do have a charming new blog I would like you all to visit. Her name is Melissa and she has wonderful patterns and brilliant ideas. Visit her at TinyHappy and tell me what you think. I have knitted her adorable little Fingerless Gloves and am now doing the Gum-Nut Hat.

Oh and the bag? Don't you just love it? A little gift to myself. I bought it off of Ebay and couldn't be happier. Of course you can't see the delightful greens and burgundy but you get the idea?

Basically blissful.