Friday, November 09, 2012

Hello My Lovelies, if you are still out there...

Well hello Blogger, aren't you new and fancy looking!  Let's hope you will post for me today! 

I do apologize for lack of posts for so long.  It was a busy spring and an even busier summer.  Graduations, University convocation, Confirmation, our 25th Anniversary and my father's 75th birthday party that I hosted for 40+ guests.

So some pictures to show that I wasn't telling porkies.

Our resort in Jamaica, Anniversary trip we took with the kids.

Last day

So everything is good here and as I said quite busy.  I have been knitting too.  There is a baby on the way, remember the cousin that had the construction accident?  They are having a baby!  We are so excited for them.  I have started a baby blanket and already did a wee hat.  And I did another Mid-December for DN1.

Oh and the requisite Hallowe'en picture!

Cowardly Lion, haha.

I will try to be better with posting, still feel like I missed telling you all so much.  And I HAVE been keeping up with reading all your blogs.  You are all so much more talented and organised than I am!

Lisa xo