Sunday, March 21, 2010


Oh yes my little chicks it is time for Miss Knitty, Vintage and Rosy to leave on a little sojourn. I will be traveling in such a style as to create much animosity and jealousy within blogdom.

Okay, it isn't going to be in a lovely snail trail caravan. Or a lovely old beauty like this. I will be on a coach with 15 high school girls going to Provincials (hockey) in our nation's capital. (That would be Ottawa as I am sure all of you know). But it will be special. This will be the last hockey tournament I will be on with my daughter as this is her last one before she leaves for University...


Omg I will be such a mess come August :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Granny Rectangle (as opposed to a Granny Square)


Quick post today. March break and trying to keep the youngest busy. Here is something I thought was quite magnificent. Ever wanted to granny something but it was NOT a square? Well here is your chance. I grannied this lovely stool/storage thingy and BELIEVE me it is 100x better than what it used to be.

See pretty granniness? If you want to granny a rectangle here is what helped me. If you would like specifics on how to tighten near the end to get that secure tucked in edge, email me and I will tell you how.

And I have storage as well!

And crocheting trim on pillowcases. What are you up to?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Never underestimate the power of the comment

Ladies, I cannot thank you enough for your lovely, comforting comments. They have meant so much to me in my gloom.
Now for some answers. So many of you have commented about the lamp. This is an Ikea lamp. It has been pimped. I cannot remember the name of it but I am sure both the base and shade are still available there as it has been around quite a while. I painted the base in Farrow and Ball Parma Gray. I saw this over at Vanessa's quite a while back and she helped me out with it, being the sweet lovely person that Vanessa is. Do you ever visit Vanessa? Well go so hi. I'll wait.

Oh, you're back? Good. Just another quick observation. Do you ever go to make the bed in the morning (or late afternoon, no one is here to judge) and see the sun streaking in and wish you could just hop back in? That is how I felt this morning and thought of all of you and snapped this photo.
That's it, really. And just to say "Thank you" once again.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Please accept this jug of tulips to make up for my lack of words and pretty pictures. I meant to post last week and the the bleedin camera had dead batteries and by the time they were recharged I was in pain. I had a wisdom tooth extracted last Wednesday and I am still in pain. Friday I went to the library to pick up a book and did not realize I was standing at a counter without a clerk. The sweet lady at the next counter over asked if I was okay and I said no I wasn't and she said I looked rather pale and said I didn't really look that well. The question is how long would I have stood there like an idiot before I noticed there wasn't anyone at the desk? I probably should not have even been driving. I went back to the dentist today and he told me I have dry socket which isn't pleasant. Now I am on antibiotics. But I have blubbered enough.

I wanted to post this last week but of course, too late. The March photo of the BBC Home and Antique calendar.

Isn't it wonderful how just looking at pretty pictures can make you feel that much better?

* * *

Have a lovely week Ladies, I hope to catch more with you all soon!