Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where do you shop?

For those that don't know, it is Prom Season.

I have been shopping my little heart out with DN2. Her prom is at the end of May and her schedule just opened up about a week and a half ago. Hockey Season is now over, she played her last game in Canada two weeks ago :( She needs a prom dress and it isn't easy!

She favours the halter type dress and it is what suits her the best. She has a very large bust (38C,D) and I love that she wants full length. It makes the shoe thing not as big of a deal.

And I have to get some dressy things as well. I had a baby shower two weeks ago, then I have a wedding shower, a wedding, and a christening to attend this summer and I don't think my usual track pants and hoodie will go over too well at these events.

I need to find more shops geared towards my age group without the dowdy "my mother-in-law would wear that" look.

But I love looking at these dresses! Do you have a favourite?

Where do you shop?

All dresses from

Monday, April 19, 2010

So you would like to know?

Since there were so many questions asked in the last couple of posts I thought it would be best to answer them. Oh and did you notice I have 200 followers? How crazy is that? But thank you!

Andrea asked:
I love the crochet cushion in an earlier post, would love to know how you put the final product together because I too am in the middle of a granny square which was meant for a blanket but boredom is taking over with it!!! Xx

After I crocheted the granny to the size of my cushion form I cut up a felted cashmere sweater and used that for the other side. I used the ribbed bottom of the sweater for the folds, eliminating the need for a zipper or button closure. I hand sewed the crochet front to the cashmere back.

Elizabeth asked:
Love the boots but those metal garden tool holders for twine and seeds, etc? Those are for me. Where did you find them?

The metal tool holders are from Garden Trading.

Madelief asked:
Yes, those two ladies do look alike :-)! Love the boots!! I am going to England in three months time. Hopefully I can find them. Would like to wear them in my garden. The match the new colour of my garden house perfectly ;-)!

Madelief, the wellies are from Joules but not sure if they are in stock right now.

Krawuggl asked:
The candy coloured trugs are beautibeautiful. Do you know where to buy them?

The pastel trugs can be found at Burgon and Ball.

And lastly, the garden tools can be found at Gift Ideas.

~~~Have a lovely week girls~~~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Pretty

I need to get in the garden.

And organize my potting table.

And find my trug that has gone missing.

And mother and I are arguing. She said the actress in the Final Frost was Lady Jane Grey also known as Phyllis Logan. I said it was Mrs. Herriot also known as Lynda Bellingham.

Why are mothers always right?

But come on, they do look very similar, yes?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Birds, Buds and Blossoms

Hello! I am back! But before I forget, as I usually do, here is the April picture from the BBC H&A Calendar.

And before I went away I had picked up the March issue of Country Homes and Interiors but I did not have a chance to show you the lovely images. I lurve this wallpaper with all my heart and soul.

I fell in love with this yummy sofa.

The most charming bedroom all white with the pop of colour we all love.

How spring-like is this? Too beautiful.

I want to get in the garden right now. Our temperatures are to be around 20-24 C for the next few days, how crazy is that?

Hockey was wonderful. We won the Gold Medal in overtime. It was my daughter that scored the winning goal. This means that her school hockey team is the best in the Province. What a way to end her graduating year! She was interviewed several times while we were there and had a radio interview and newspaper shoot when we came home. She's kind of a big deal in the girl's/women's hockey world. Did I mention she hates any kind of attention? Some of the interviews I don't even know about as she refuses to tell me, she gets embarrassed.
Well my lovelies, can I wish you all a fantastic week? And of course, a happy and relaxing Easter.