Friday, January 30, 2009

Uncontained Excitement

Are you ever so excited you just cannot contain yourself? That is how I was yesterday. A parcel was delivered and I was so anxious to open it but I had to drive my daughter to her exam and had to wait until I got home. Then when I did open it, I just wanted to stare at it. Oooh, so lovely.

The Cath Kidston flowery dusters I have been drooling over at so many blogs. Look at that pretty pattern. Perhaps too beautiful for dusting? (I don't even want to take them out of the package)

And what is this? Sarah Smith? Does Sarah have a little crush on Cath too? Mmmm. But how cute are they?

And, finally, BBC Homes and Antiques. How fabulous is that? Not easy to find here and when you do it is well over a month behind.
So here is the story of my lovely gifts. I am reading a very cute little blog called Flossie and Tom. She blogs about her lovely dusters. I comment on how beautiful they are along with all her other pretty goodies and what does she do? Writes me back and offers to send me some. How sweet is that? After a little swap arranging, here we are. Aren't we all so lucky to belong to this wonderful place called the blog world?

Thank you so much, Sara.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does Debbie Bliss Have a Crush on Cath Kidston?

I mean who doesn't, right? But as I'm breezing through the beautiful images of the Debbie Bliss books I'm getting a real Cath Kidston-esque feel.

What do you think? Or perhaps they are the same person?

Have they every been in the same room together?

Cuteness, eiderdowns, fair isle patterns, polka dots?

I wonder...
But seriously, the patterns in these books are wonderful. I am thinking about knitting the most charming little booties in the Quick Baby Knits books. Oh, they are simply darling. I also started some socks with some Trekking yarn I've had for about two years. My imagination is so much more organised than my real life.
source: Quick Baby Knits and Home by Debbie Bliss

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Love Green

I love green. Green paint, green doors, green velvet. I love green depression glass, green Carltonware and green jadeite.

I have a collection of green transferware.

Lately, I have been thinking about painting. Everything, other than the laundry room needs a good re-do and sprucing up.

My bedroom is a lovely shade of green right now. Very tranquil and serene. And is a colour that seems to go well with so many other colours.

So I am not quite sure where to go from here. I love turquoise too. These are wonderful colours for a bedroom as they evoke such calmness and serenity.

So I am not quite sure whether to stick with another shade of green, the same shade or go with something closer to the blues.

Sometimes too much choice is more of a problem than not enough choice. Do you have these dilemmas with paint colours as well? I am always so undecided til it is actually up on the walls. Although, I must say I have never re-painted a room because I hated the colour so much. That would be dreadful.

Still pondering...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just What America Seems to Need Right Now...Beautiful

a little love

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cath Came Calling

And I answered the door! Actually, my best and lovely friend, Clara, found this shortly before Christmas and snapped it up for me. How lovely is it for Cath Kidston to be here, in Canada! Even if it is just bubbly goodness, it is beautiful.

Well this picture is rubbish. So sorry but you know my camera woes. The Cabbages and Roses book I got myself back on my birthday and there are a few others there Santa was sweet enough to bring me, I will try and get a better picture of them again for you. Oh, and the charming Johnson Brothers teacup and saucer from DN3 picked up at a bazaar for me for Christmas. Love.

And said daughter asked as I was taking the pictures if I ever took a picture of her room. Yes, I have, many moons ago but here is another. The cutest sleeping bag and pillowslip with the most adorable rosebud pattern. Santa was sweet to her as well.

Another tea and biscuit dvd. All Creatures Great and Small. The first series with the original Helen. There was something about her I just loved...

On the "something's gotta give" subject: note to self, do NOT purchase one more pillowslip. Ever. (There are a total of 15 pillows on all our beds right now? Get the picture?) Did you say addiction?

And finally, a wee bit of knitting for the wee bairn soon to grace this lovely world. The bib pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.
Lisa xo

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered???

What the flamin' heck I look like?
Perhaps a full body shot???

I remember that costume so well. That was a truly gorgeous Adrienne Vittadini cardigan in its time. The lovely blue gloves were my grandmother's and I think I still have that paisley silk scarf from Talbots.

Okay, so you want to see me without a costume? Well, okay, here it goes...

Okay so technically it is not all me but me with a Reese Witherspoon hair style.

And me with Heidi's cleavage.
It's the best you are going to get, I'm afraid. I really am not photogenic. Truly.
(Hoping for a camera soon, I still haven't shown you my Christmas goodies!)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Will Miss the Hallmark "Made in England"

If you have been a fairly regular reader of this blog you will know I am a lover of fabric and pottery. When I am out on my thrifting jaunts the first tables I look for are the ones with the old teacups and lovely rosy textiles. This is why it breaks my heart to know that the world's most renown potteries are in so much difficulty. It truly saddens me to the core to know that my favourite companies are in demise. The news is quite dire.

I know that Royal Worcester/Spode has moved all their production to China. At first I thought it was just certain items but now I have been told that all manufacturing is now in Asia. The latest news comes from Waterford Wedgwood.

I have many Spode pieces and I love them. I have collected blue and white pottery since I got married over 20 years ago. There is nothing more classic and beautiful. How sad it is for these companies that have been in business for over 200 years. To see them moving to the far east is distressful enough but to close down completely would be pitiful. This is why it is more important than ever to cherish the lovely pieces that I know many of you have. I have a love of crockery. Period. All types, patterns and companies. Johnson Brothers, Minton, Royal Albert (vintage), Meakin, Mason, Crown Derby, Limoges, the list goes on. I will continue to look for all my best loved pieces and cherish them that teensiest bit more. Will you?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

~A Beautiful Vintage Year in Review~

my first foray into patchwork

discovery of a shop that sells Cath Kidston, only to be heartbroken that they would no longer stock her items


what else, baking Pasta al Forno for warmth and carbs


Martha and I were busy creating

thrifting at its best

the season of the peony

lobelia in the back garden

rippling away the hours

planning my dream potting bench

vintage fabric browsing with my girlfriend

kitchen planning

learning to crochet hangers and placing them in Christmas stockings

A special thank you to all my readers especially those that take the time to leave a comment and say a few words. Wishing you all the very best for the new year for you and your loved ones.