Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Potting Bench

I receive many googled searches for potting bench, potting table and vintage potting bench. Since I had these stored on my computer I thought it might make some one's day today to find a whole collection of them on one page. Not to mention I still do not have a good camera and thought this may fill a post nicely.

I just love this one, up against a stone wall. I don't think I would keep books out there, however.
Here's a little space saver. In the galvanized metal. What a great idea.

How pretty is this? What a lovely shade of blue.

I adore the scalloped edge on this one.

This is a cute idea.

How easy is this? A table and some simple trellis at the back.

Storage can be as simple as a few planks held across by pots or bricks.

It really is only limited to your imagination. I have seen the simplest ones made just using a table and old wooden crates. It certainly does not have to be elaborate, it is for potting and dealing with dirt for heaven's sake.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ladies, please tell me your secret

Really, how do you get things done? How do you not fall behind on housework, ironing, laundry, the list goes on.

I am perpetually behind. I know I get lost on bloglines (144 and counting), and I sit and stare into flowers in a jug or breezing through magazines and books but I can't be wasting that much time can I? I did have a few appointments this week, the dentist and the doctor (another sinus infection) but I should not be this far behind in everything.

On the way home from the doctor I slipped in to the charity shop and picked up a few items. (See how I try and coordinate my time and errands?) A pretty old painting with peonies.

Oh, and the lampshade as well. This was 5.99 with the price tag still on it. Can you believe it was selling for 119.00 in the store?

And the pillow with the original rose ticking.


I am now going to clean.

PS When I get my kitchen cupboards painted you all will be the first to see my kitchen

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Nicest Compliment

picture of the "Burrow"
A friend of DN2 came over on Saturday night. As she walked through the house she told my daughter "I just love your kitchen. It is right out of Harry Potter". I'm thinking that is a compliment, right?

Just to let you ladies know, the picture above is not my kitchen. It is from Harry Potter. I do wish, however, that it was my kitchen. I'm thinking if it was indeed that dark, the Pug hair would surely not show quite so much.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And then there were none...

We are down to our last camera. And it doesn't seem like it is long for this world. It kept shutting off while I was trying to take these pictures. Oh, boy. Who was talking about this kind of stuff happening in threes? Someone in blogland. Well, I dropped the iron today. I don't mean a gentle slip from the ironing board on to the carpet. I mean a "what the heck is stuck to the bloody ironing board, why isn't coming with me?" Yank, pull, ooops. It ricocheted off the dryer before it bounced on the concrete floor. Now that still works. This little spot in the family room/kitchen got a little makeover. Well, not really a makeover just a new table. Okay, new to me. Mother gave it to me and I painted it. It was a deep Chinese red. Really red. Super red. I feel calmer with it white. Above is the lovely print my parents got me for my birthday last year. Remember I just happened to have an antique frame the exact size hidden under my bed?

Moving on. A cute jug I found while I was away. $1.99 well spent, I must say. The hydrangeas are from the garden. They are lovely shades of purple, mauve, blue and blue/green.

Elderberry Syrup. That's what this will be in another half hour. Elizabeth gave me a great idea. Finally, the bane of my existence may somehow be beneficial. I say this because the bleedin' bush is so enormous now it has crept into the neighbours yard and is beginning to take over there as well. They may make me start paying rent. It is humongous, so it better start paying its way.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Darling, Sorry I've Not Been Around

But we were away for the last three days in New York for a Hockey Tournament. But I am here now to show you some pictures I've had for a while stored and thought you would enjoy. They are from a book called English Country something and I loved it. I call the style "English Country Clutter". That is kind of my decorating philosophy and it works for me.

The bedroom is not so cluttered but soothing and relaxing.

Look at that gorgeous lamp in the sitting room.

More cluttery lovliness. Gosh, Martha would hate my style.
And want to hear some irony? All the compliments on my photography (thank you) and I go and break the camera the first day of school. Someone is laughing at me right now.