Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Contest and/or Giveaway

I know I haven't been around much. My goodness, over a week since I posted? Wow. I was away all weekend for hockey and am leaving again on Monday for Provincials for the school hockey. Thank you so very, very much for your lovely comments on my crocheted cushion. I will be answering some of your questions, when I have a moment. I LOVE BLOGGERS! We're just so darn nice! And, just for being so darn nice I am having a little contest. Easy peasy. Pop in a comment and you are in. Link to me in a post or in your sidebar and I will throw your name in three times. Sound fair?
Lisa xo
Added Later: If I am already on your sidebar you are in for three! And if you are one of my faithful followers and comment you are in for three as well. And of course, I would love to see some new faces. Good Luck, Ladies.
Added Much, Much Later:
* * *Disclaimer* * *
It has come to my attention that my lovely blog readers may think I am giving away this chair. I am, in fact, not giving away this chair. This chair has been sitting in my picture folder for a very long time and it was meant to denote my absence from this blog. To avoid any kind of litigation later on I am confirming this fact now. I do, however, have some wonderful gifts set aside for the lucky winner that will not entail a forty dollar shipping charge on my part ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Granny?

Really, I can take the truth. I know some bloggers have done similar and it looks simply fab at their places but too granny for me? Sometimes I feel dangerously close to those older folks that sit behind the table at the bazaars and church charity things with the loo roll covers and the orange acrylic potholders.

I figured out how to do an edging in a shell (like) pattern. It's only been about two years that I have been crocheting. I made this pattern up. I don't even know if I did this cushion the proper way. I have never done anything in a circle before.

I had a bag of feathers from a previous project that was just the right amount for it. Do you know you really shouldn't try to fill a cushion with feathers inside the house? Ahh, see most of you already knew that, correct? I didn't. Not only that, I made the mistake of not leaving a big enough hole to actually put my hand "in". My oldest was watching me totally cracking up. It was quite funny. Then, brilliantly, I thought "I should do this on the porch". Well, in retrospect, doing this outside on a day with 60-70km an hour winds was probably not a good idea either. So, consequently, as I am filling the cushion, the bag of feathers falls over, just as the wind blows the door back open. Well, you get the picture. Some blew between the houses as well and it sort of looks like the German shepherd next door assassinated something there.

I think I like the flower. Or do you prefer it without? I can't decide. I have another flower pattern but it is knit, not crochet. I may try that one as well.

I do think it is cute though. Maybe not so granny? Maybe they are cool enough if you use the right colours and nice yarn? I mean if this was orange and brown acrylic .99 cent stuff it would be kind of blech.

I really should be off, though.
Gotta vacuum.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hexagon Knitting

I have a link on the right that will take you to my post with this pattern. These are knit hexagons. If you cannot crochet, or just love these in general, they are the project for you. I can whip two or three of these off in a night, when I am so inclined. The beauty of them is they require very little yarn. So all those bits and pieces you do not know what to do with? Perfect. I have been doing them for a year or two and have amassed probably 20 or 30. The pattern is actually from my mum that had it on a tea stained piece of paper that, as I recall, had no title just "1970" typed at the top. I typed the pattern out and posted it a while back, for your pleasure ladies. Mostly because the most hits I have from google are "Knit Hexagon" and "Knitted Hexagon". I believe the blanket above may be felted a wee bit.

I delivered the baby booties to my nephew and the baby on Sunday and didn't they just love them? So proud. A truly gorgeous baby. My husband held her for a while and gave me that "aw come on, let's have another look". Ever seen that look? It can be very scary when you have an almost 20 year old. (I was married very, very young).

And finally, the most gorgeous Louisa Harding bag. Love.

Have a great week, ladies.

Lisa xo

PS Ladies, if you are looking for a free pattern for a crochet hexagon there is one available here.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Seriously, The Cutest Baby Booties Ever

After going to the doctor on Monday, I have felt marginally better. Oh yes, thank you the sinuses are definitely better. However, there is the small problem of the medication that has a somewhat undesirable effect on my inner workings. But we will not get into that. We will discuss, however, my deep and emotional love towards Debbie Bliss for creating just the cutest darn pattern for baby booties. This particular pattern is from the Quick Knits book but is modified the Knitty, Vintage and Rosy way.

How you may ask? Well I didn't have any Debbie Bliss yarn in stock so I used a beautiful Baby Alpaca I did have in stock. The little problem was it was a bit thicker than the pattern calls for and they came out bigger than they were suppose to. So in my crafty (ha) sort of way I decided to felt them. That is the result. I just love them. I really cannot capture their utter cuteness on my super yucky camera. But they are adorable.

I also finished the Mason Dixon Bib. Simple. Fast. Cute. With a flowery little button for the closure. These little knitted bits will be given to my nephew's new baby. Her name is Madison and she has rosy cheeks like her Auntie. Yes, I know technically I am her great Aunt but we are not mentioning that fact around here.

And the slow progress of my sock knitting. Between the baby items and the ripple blanket, these hands can only do so much ;)
Thank you so very much ladies for your kind words while I was ill. It does seem there is a general problem worldwide with mummy having any kind of down time. Here I thought I was the only one with these "superpowers".

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Darling, Where Have You Been?

I've been on the sofa for the better part of the whole weekend. Another sinus infection that has been waiting in the wings for a couple of weeks now. Everyone has had a cold here and I have been waiting for it, really.
My house has totally fallen apart these last two days. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, knows where anything goes when mother is indisposed. Shoes are piled high at the front door. I made the mistake of leaving the dishwasher to be unloaded and NOBODY knew where to put everything. The dog did get fed but such a measly portion, a dormouse could not survive on it. Luckily, I spied that one and filled it properly. The kitchen is not in very good shape either. There is an unidentifiable stain on my lovely ironed tea towel that will surely have been used for some dastardly deed that may involve the floor and/or the dog so that shall be put in the every growing pile of laundry (apparently the washer has a secret combination that only "I" can decipher). The dishcloth, that was bleached to within an inch on Friday has a charming "tea stained" patina to it now that professional dyers could only dream of. Every single toilet roll needed to be changed today because, again, I am the only one with that elusive power.
* * *
Why, oh, why does this bother me so? On a more pleasant note, I have been fed and watered.