Monday, May 25, 2009

Enamelware Goodies

While my husband and I were busy all weekend painting the porch, my mum was off at garage sales. As we are busy painting, my mum calls, my husband answers and tells me she wants to speak to me. As busy as I was, I am glad I took the call. She was at a garage sale where the woman was getting rid of all her enamelware. I quickly shot over (after telling my husband, "My mother needs me") and got these lovely pieces. A white bucket for planting flowers, a white jug and the soon to be favourite, baby blue teapot/coffee pot. It truly is baby blue. Not this colour my camera has chosen to show.
Really, it is blue.

And a few other treasures I have picked up along the way. A charming jam pot already low on jam! A lovely refrigerator box and these adorable plates.

I love the rosy trim with the blue. So delightful, I just wish there had been more, I only found 3 of them.

The little white lantern was picked up as well. Blimey! Who can pass up $1.99 with the candle too? (Even if you already have too many to count, they are great to have)

Oh and the wicker sale. Just kidding. This is the porch furniture waiting to go back as soon as the floor dries. Please ignore the major construction going on next door. Speaking of which, would you be angry if you constantly had strangers up your driveway almost in your back garden at least once a day? This gets me mad. People checking out the renovation next door. No problem. But not on my property, please! My youngest is eleven and I really do not need strangers in my back garden especially if my daughter is playing back there. Do you think I should put a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign out? I really don't think it will stop them. Do you know I have had one man get mad at me for telling him to move? Just a little venting, thank you. Moving right along...

My little rosy mat for the porch. And a peek at my very bright blue toenail polish.
* * *
Believe me there is much more going on in my life but I feel I can only give you little tidbits, lest you nod off in your cuppa...
Happy Monday, girlies!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

The title should actually read "Cleaning Thursday".
I am cleaning and tidying as best I can, but between going outside to clean up branches and rubbish that is quickly accumulating on my property from the wind, and dropping off kids at school, I really am not getting much done.

While cleaning the girls' bathroom I thought I would take a picture of the little pink wicker shelf I picked up last weekend with my mum. Isn't it charming?
I don't know whether to leave it the way it is or hang it? What do you think?
I am still learning about the camera and have not quite figured out the best setting for the indoor daytime shots.
Thank you for being a captive audience while I am learning!

* * *

Happy Thursday

Lisa xo

Sunday, May 10, 2009


With my new camera.

I may have fallen in love...again. I am quite enjoying it but this is from the first 10 minutes of owning it so please be patient with me.

It will take me weeks (when I say "weeks" we all know I really mean "months" right?) to figure out all the bells and whistles, of which I hope there are few, as I am so tekkie challenged it really is not funny (I am waiting for hockey daughter to come home from Calgary to change the cartridge of the copier/scanner thingamajiggy).

This is the fabric I will be using to make the curtains for the newly painted kitchen. Do you like it? It is a gorgeous flowery linen and I just lurve it.

More practice.

Is it just me or is green and blue just a heavenly mix sometimes?

Did I ever mention how much I love Greengate?

Now I am not sure if I duplicated any of these photos. If I did, please accept my apologies.

Aren't flowers just the thing?

The camera is a Nikon. That is what I finally chose after taking a good 45 minutes to figure out which camera had what. Although they all basically have the same stuff when it comes to the point and shoot variety. Thank you all for your suggestions they were helpful.

* * *

And a very Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate it today.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Potting Sheds

I am not the neat, tidy, everything has its place type of Potting Shed Girl.

I guess I am more of a shabby, rustic, country type Potting Shed Girl.

We need a new potting/storage shed.

I am loving all these ideas.

The Potting Shed
Garden Structures
Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways
(I definitely lean towards The Potting Shed)

* * *
Didn't I totally forget to tell you how the laundry soap worked? Brilliant! I am so happy I tried it. The laundry smells so clean. I know that sounds silly but it smells indescribably clean and fresh. I think I am now a convert. Oh, and very white and stains seem to be disappearing so I will soldier on with the homemade. The recipe is basically this:
2 cups borax
2 cups washing soda
1 bar of grated soap (I used Ivory as that was what I had on hand)
baking soda (not all recipes call for this so I used one box for the whole lot)
I mixed as I went and ending up tripling the recipe. The key here is you only require a couple of TABLESPOONS per load. Seriously, this stuff will last forever.
So thrilled ;)
Lisa xo

Monday, May 04, 2009

This is the plan...

I am going to attempt to make my own laundry soap. My middle daughter has eczema and has always had an allergy to a famous name brand laundry detergent so I have always had to use another brand. Lately, with this brand, she has been complaining of itchiness again so I thought I would give this a try. Apparently, you only use a few tablespoons to half a cup for these homemade mixtures. I am making the powdered version. The liquid just seems too icky as you must boil it on the stove. There are many resources on the web for these recipes. Let me know if you attempt any of them. And wish me luck!