Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vintage Roses

I seem to be collecting quite a few pieces with roses. Have we noticed that? The cake plate and server are James Kent Old Foley and it is magnificent. I think I will be putting it on ebay as I have so many cake plates already. But this is pristine. And to have the server, well that's just too beautiful. The teapot is also James Kent but I am keeping that. It holds two cups of tea and that is perfect when it is just me in the house having tea. The little creamer was too cute to pass up, with its little tiny rosebuds.
Look at the detail on the server. Oooooh I am so tempted to keep this!

On to other interesting little tidbits of my life. Do you know what the definition is for "magpie"? It is "a person who collects or hoards things".
Can I tell you how happy I am that I found The Vintage Magpie? And how delighted I am that she collects and hoards things? Like lovely buttons, charming fabric and delightful trimmmings?
I received this package in the mail today with my new bag made by Nicola. She also made me a wonderful tissue holder I boldly asked her to make to go with the bag.

Thank you so much, Nicola.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Few More Pics to Tickle Your Fancy

Isn't this livingroom gorgeous? The carpet, jardiniere, mirror, everything, I just love.
I like this one because the sofa is very similar to the one I have in our family room. Not sure about the red accents though.

And a delightfully organized linen cupboard all neatly stacked with ribbon and ricrac. The kitchen is simply lovely. How fresh and calming.


I will post some pictures tomorrow of my recent purchases. All roses. What's with me and the roses lately?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Self Indulgence

Yes, while I sat yesterday enjoying my new magazine and catalogue and yummy egg salad sandwich and a cup of tea, ironing was piled up to here and laundry was piled up to there. I should be tidying, organizing and cleaning. I should be making Christmas lists, devising and planning innovative Christmas gifts and browsing through cook books for delectable baked treats. Instead, today, I am staring at a very untidy, unorganized office/computer room/dumping ground that desperately needs tender loving care. It is a mess in here and my goal today is to get this room spic and span. The problem is it is not just my clutter but everyone elses as well so what do I do with all this detritus of not just my life but all the others?

Thinking I should make a cup of tea, sit and make a list. Maybe browse through the new Martha Stewart Living to give myself ideas...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rummaging and Thrifting

This morning my mother and I sped off towards the enticing aroma of bake sales, Christmas Bazaars and Rummage sales. Honestly, the heavenly smells that waft up the stairs as you are entering the churches is to die for. Cookies, cakes, muffins, scones, rock buns, tea breads, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. And the couple of churches that we went to that were predominantly italian parishes? Lasagna, cannelloni, cannoli, espresso... a gastronomic delight and on top of all that? Great deals! Now the bowl with roses I got last week but the other items were from this week. The pink ticking with blue roses is an apron, brand new. The frog was just a necessity. The lovely teacup and saucer with roses, well that was just too charming to pass up. And I am hoping that pink stuff is crochet thread? Not entirely sure but I loved the colours. The little mustard jar with the roses is late 19th century German. Love it.

The blue transferware was purchased last week as well. At the moment I don't know what to do with it. I have sooooo much blue and white transferware I've run out of space to display/store it. So these may go up for auction on ebay.

All in all, pretty productive the last little while.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Newest Obsession: Crochet Trimmed Tea Towels and Samplers

Isn't that cushion sweet? I spent the better part of my knitting group last night sewing the top closed. Have I remarked before how lousy these particular skills are? Hopefully nobody will notice the sewing job, only the prettiness of the cross-stitch. Don't tell anyone but I got it for .99 cents. I know it is rude to brag about what you spend on items but really, .99 cents? Mother would be angry.
And, like I needed more obsessions. Vintage tea towels. The one on the top left I actually had and always used as a doily. The morning glory one (just delightful) and the one on the far right bottom I purchased together on ebay. The Wednesday one I also purchased on ebay, but separately and the top right one I picked up for .50 cents at a contents sale a few weeks back.


Anita, I have tried several times to leave a comment on your blog but I think blogger comments are not working. Lovely blog you have there and that quilt is simply scrumptious.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Birthday Gift

My mother and father just received this print in the mail that was another birthday gift for me. I think it is such a wonderful picture.

Thank you to the blogger that introduced me to this lovely, serene piece. I just wish to heck I could remember who showcased it a few months back. So sorry not giving you the credit you deserve but for the life of me I cannot find which one of you it was.

Now off to the framing store. I think I actually have an antique frame that is perfect for it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

And the Winner is...

Well, first I must show you the process. I also stuck Lisa at Pink Paint and Roses in although she did not leave a comment she did email me a sweet Happy Birthday so her name went in as well. An interesting story there. Lisa and I share the same birthday, and have so many things in common it is positively uncanny. She was also a great help when I was considering selling my items on ebay, so heck, she was thrown in the bowl with the rest of the ladies.

I swirled the names around vigorously. I must admit, however, there weren't any witnesses. I tried to rouse one daughter but classes do not start until 1:00 and pulling a teenager out of bed to pick a blog contest winner out of bowl, well, just wasn't happening. So trust you must. And the winner is...

Yes, the talented artist, Claire Louise Milne! Thank you, Clare for visiting my little site. Please email me your mailing address and I will post your little goodies. The prize includes a wonderful decorating book I picked up at a charity shop that looked simply delightful. It was indeed, delightful, so much so that I actually had the same book already at home. The other articles are a vintage pillowcase, a lovely piece of turquoise fabric and a vintage apron with roses. Oh, and Elizabeth? I am sending you out a little thank you for being such a faithful reader of this blog. Again, email me your address (hoping you have an address right now) and I will post it for you.

And while we are talking about gifts I thought I would show you two of the most loveliest gifts. A teacup and saucer from my sister-in-law, who absolutely knows my taste. It is Zandra Rhodes, and it is so charming. I just love it.

The pretty orchid is from my mother.
Thank you so much for entering my little contest and please feel free to comment. I do like them you know!
And, as another little gift, some truly wonderful blogs I have found inspiring:

Have a wonderful day ladies. Hope to hear from you soon.