Friday, January 27, 2006

Breathing Fibre

Still sock knitting and luvin' it. I will post a picture of the finished product the moment I am done (and when I can find the cord thingy that hooks the camera up to the cpu). I am also still working on the Meadow Flowers shawl from Knitter's Stash. Oh, and I picked up Sarah Dallas Knitting at the library today. Really lovely stuff.

I also have a question for you. Not sure if it falls into the "ethics" category or perhaps the "morals" category but here it goes. Baking cookies the other day and the 2 cookie sheets are full, baking in the oven. There is enough dough left over for 4 or 5 cookies. What do you do with this dough?

1) Try and fit these four or five cookies on the other sheets, possibly smushing some in the process.

2) Get out a third baking sheet/broiler pan/tin takeaway container and bake them on that using up a huge amout of energy for these 4 or 5 measly little cookies.

3) Eat the freakin' dough and be done with it already.

Can anybody guess what I did?

Monday, January 23, 2006


Isn't this what knit blogging should be called? Just a thought.

I am trying to finish the Fleece Artist Basic sock pattern and I am a little confused. Am I the only one that thinks these instructions are, dare I say, ambiguous? I ended up using another pattern for the decreases and it worked out fine, but damn, I had a hard time trying to figure out what they wanted me to do.

Although today is Monday, I feel the need to do a "Tuesday is for Blogging" post. Check out these people that are so much more clever than I will ever be.

Soulemama, even her aspirations are more creative than mine.

Blue Rose Knits with colours I would always choose.

Jane Thornley now has a couple of free patterns.

Feel free to throw in the term "knogging" in your conversation today, my postman loved it. He threw in the word "therapy" but I ignored him.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Scusi, Excuse Moi, Sorry for the Delay

"God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die."
Bill Watterson

Hello, dear friends (if I still have any out there after my prolonged absence). I am here, not "vacationing somewhere warm" although living in a crazy weather challenged city like Toronto, you would never know. I have been inundated with chores. You know the ones. Gift returns, cleaning up after the post Christmas explosion and aftermath. And you musn't forget, we had the wedding last Saturday. Which meant we had various relatives visiting from around the globe (Australia, Italy and Ohio). There has been way too much espresso and biscotti consumed by this blogger. If I did the Dove commercial how would I explain that I have the "buddha belly" AND "popeye arms"? Oh, and don't even go there with the chocolate. My face closely resembles a pre-pubescent that has just sampled every sweet at the chocolate factory.

Santa was once again, very good to me. I was obviously a good girl all year and was rewarded accordingly. Loot includes:

Books (Charles Todd, totally hooked)
CD's (from children, God luv 'em)
DVD's galore
-Charlie and the Chocolate factory
-Christmas with the Kranks
-Mean Girls
-The March of the Penguins (amazing!)
-The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
-CSI fourth Season
-Madagasgar (totally unimpressed)
-Sky High
-The Polar Express (again, unimpressed)
-The Three Faces of Eve (original Joanne Woodward 1957)
And many more I can't recall. Of course, some of these were the children's but they all interest me.
-two track outfits from my husband, though the girls do not like their mother "pimped out like JLo" which is apparently how I look with "Roots" across my arse
-more clothes
-a "Best Mommy" teddy from DN3
-Purdy's Chocolates (had better, Elizabeth do you like?)
-Laura Ashley knit slippers (divine!)
And can't think of anymore, it was sooo long ago!
No knit related items, really.

Speaking of knitting...guess what I completed, really? A pair of socks!!! My first and I love it! Kitchener stitch and all. The camera is out of batteries so let us use imagery, shall we? I used this yarn. I used the pattern from this magazine. Kitchener stitch made easy (after 5 attempts) by these instructions. The Knit It! magazine had the most comprehensive kitchener instructions I have ever used. They were absolutely brilliant. First try and gosh darn it, you cannot tell where the knitting ends and the stitching begins. Miraculous.

Well, better not bore you anymore but I will leave you with this bit of reality. Enjoy.