Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Important Thing Is That Everyone's Okay

Yes, we are all fine. Wish I could say as much for the computer, aptly named "Myturn". Myturn has been hospitalized for the past two weeks. He suffered greatly. His sister's fought over him when he was here and when he was in rehab they missed him terribly. Myturn had so many maladies. Much more than a computer his age should. The sisters just would not listen and continually took him to places he was NOT allowed to go. Sometimes they took him to Limewire and once, on a real bender they went to...Kazaa! Well, Myturn is back. Totally rehabed and almost ready to roll. His therapy was not cheap. At one point there was even talk of opening him up. Without insurance, we would have been up to our gigabytes in debt. As it happened he was okay after some specialists worked on him. But it wasn't pretty.

As a result, I have not re-installed my camera stuff or any other extras.

Knitting is going...slow. Still having probs with hubby's sweater and am working on another pair of socks. That's about it. We're pretty busy the next little while with a 65th Birthday in the family, Easter, DN3's communion and DN2's confirmation. So if things are not updated (as if) as much as usual, you'll know why. Heck, there probably wasn't anyone missin' me anyhow ;)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"Crash" goes my life

"Mrs. Jamieson, if your son is a fruitcake, I need to know about it."

Detective Inspector Jack Frost

I just love this quote. So very Jack. This is one of my favourite detective series. As I have said before, the British do the best detective series.

I tried, unsuccessfully to watch "Crash" on Friday night. It was on satellite and I was really absorbed by it til the phone started ringing and the clothes dryer kept beeping then the doorbell rang. I gotta see the last hour of this movie. How thought provoking.

The Soprano's premiere is tonight. Please, if you know me, don't call between 9 and 10 or I may have to kill you.

Elizabeth has politely pointed out that I may have been remiss in my duties as a blogger. It is true. I am a naughty blogger but my life keeps getting in the way. I will try to do better. But I have been busy with these crazy socks.

I must say they turned out beautiful. My husband has cosy feet. Most important in Toronto these days with temperatures in the low to mid TEENS! I told him three weeks ago when I started these things that by the time I finish them it will be 12 degrees. My psychic abilities never fail to astound me.

My cousin was over last night and as we were chatting in the livingroom she glanced over to the corner and exclaimed "Holy Crap you've got a lot of wool!" What she doesn't know is that this is just one of the mounds. There. Are. Others. BTW, I've taught this one how to knit. She has become addicted.

For many years, I have loved British artist Mimi Roberts. Still life is her specialty but I especially love her vegetables. They are stunning. Here is a sample of her work. She does the occasional commission. My birthday is November 1. There's still time.