Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Week of Letters (no knitting content)

The "better get your act together or you can forget the summer in Ireland letter".

and The Good Letter (phenomenal actually).

The week of letters. First I receive the "Letter of Concern" from DN1's school. Your child's average is still respectable but some attention must be paid or she may be at risk of failing. Wonderfreakinful. And I'm spending over 5k to send her to Ireland to go to school for an extra credit. Someone better get their act together but fast.

And the second letter. I honestly needed to sit down for this one. My 13 year old daughter received a letter from YALE UNIVERSITY!!! They have been following her hockey career "with great interest". Apparently, NCAA rules prohibit them from sending recruiting material but they will be contacting her after March 1 of her grade 11 year. They will "be in touch" when rules allow. She has received other letters from American colleges and universities but Yale? I had goose pimples. And the ironic part? Up until last week no high school had accepted her yet because she had applied out of our district. Funny, life.

Friday, May 26, 2006


And I have the balls to call myself a knitter. I can't even get through the famous "Clapotis". It just ain't happnin'. I've tried to be patient. Did my PMs and the TBLs but I just cannot enjoy it. I've had this going for about 2 months now and NO inclination to pick the damn thing up. None. Usually when I am on a project I can't wait to get back to it. You know, screw dinner, I'm going to spend the afternoon knitting? I know it's eleven o'clock and I gotta get up at 7:00 but I must finish this tonight? So the question is does this go in the pile of the other Useless Unfinished Never Know When I'll Get To It Again Pile? Or do I yank? The yarn is that gorgeous mercenized Greek cotton stuff. I dunno. Help me, I am useless.

Life has been a long list of shopping, church stuff and parties. Shopping because everyone needed new stuff for the Communion and Confirmation. Shopping because Chesty Morgan aka DN2 grew out of the outfit I bought her for the wedding in January and needed a brand new outfit for confirmation. Shopping because grade eight means not only Confirmation but Graduation as well. Church because of C and C and my church believing that the parents of those having confirmation and communion know absolutely nothing about the process and must be at meetings and brunches and retreats to fully understand the process. Isn't that why I had my confirmation and communion? Yes, you are detecting sounds of bitterness. And parties for the above noted religous events. If I do not partake of another crucifix encrusted piece of cake for the rest of my life it will be too soon. (there's Bitter Betty again)

I am losing my knitting mojo. I want to knit, but I don't know what. I have vats of yarn and don't know what to start. When I do start something, I lose interest. Kind of a Fiber ADHD.

Cappy is doing well. Thinks he owns the joint but we're working on that. He managed to tear up a pair of pantyhose, a slipper and an old piece of foil from a chocolate (don't know where that came from) in my bedroom yesterday. All this happened between 10:00 and 10:02 . We seem to be coming to an understanding. He can eat/munch/chew what ever he wants provided I don't see him do it and I don't have to clean it up after it has had the Grand Tour through his digestive system.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


You know how sometimes you come across a blog that you want to share with everyone? P. T. Barnum said one was born every minute. That's me. A sucker.

I found it while I was here. Scroll down to April 10.