Friday, September 24, 2004

Hubby's Big Surprise

Hey gang, Btchwstix has been a very busy girl lately. Not only have I been suffering from severe insomnia but I have also been planning a surprise 40th Birthday party for hubby. His birthday was actually earlier in the week, so he basically thinks I am not doing much. But, Saturday night I have 40 of our dearest and nearest going to play a hockey game then dinner upstairs in their restaurant (its a huge hockey/entertainment/sports facility). Jeez, I hope he likes it. So between this and not sleeping properly, things have been a little hectic. On the sleeping front, I seem to be getting better and I'll tell you I am not the kind of person that can survive on 4 hours of sleep, which is what I was averaging there for about 2 weeks. I went to the doctor and received a clean bill of health, although initially he worried the crap outta me thinking I had a thyroid disease. Now I am scheduled to go to a sleep clinic so hopefully I will be in better sleeping order. I have been sleeping better lately although I am not quite sure why. I have been trying to get outside more during the day to get a lot of sunshine so maybe that has helped. I was thinking maybe my melantonin was out of whack. I also ordered a new bed, which we were due for as you are suppose to change mattresses every 8-10 years and ours is ten. I ordered a KING size bed so that means another $500.00 worth of sheets, blankets and mattress protection needs to be purchased but I am looking forward to the large playground my husband and I have to romp in now. Last week I tried a few times to post but the damn thing wouldn't let me so that's another reason it has been a while. Can't remember if I told you about the KW knitting fair but it was really great. So many vendors, I was confused but I did buy some beautiful "BABI" from and couldn't be happier with the colour. Plus the price was right $22.00 for 660yds. Now for a knitting update:

  1. Harlot Poncho in blue and white cotton is half way done. After the initial screw up of yours truly being typically blonde, I figured out where the increases are without the stupid marker sliding all over the place (thus creating a very unattractive asymmetrical design)
  2. Scarf from Little Box of Scarves is working out very nicely in a mohair multicoloured mix
  3. Still working on afghan from 1970s pattern book and am 1/3 the way through 1st of 5 panels
  4. Started a triangular shawl in the new Grand River yarn for a Christmas gift to who I don't know yet
  5. Still need to frog sweaters for DN2 and DN3 that have now gotten too small for their rapidly growing bodies
  6. There's more, but the more I put this unfinished stuff in print the more I realize I have waaaaaay too much stuff on the go and it is kinda depressing me

That's it and will catch up with you all after the party.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Knitlit 2... Not A Cozy Read

So I wait freakin' months for this book from the library cuz I am totally taken with the first Knitlit and am sooo totally disappointed. So many of the stories are sad, not like low level sad but 2 or 3 kleenex sad. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind a bit of this thought provoking stuff but that's not why I am reading the thing. I am reading for great stories of how or why people started knitting, ufo horror stories and of course the odd traditional boyfriend sweater story but some of these endings just aren't nice. One mother knitting in her child's bedroom thinking apocalyptic thoughts, another about a crazy mother sending her daughter their dead dog's collar to her at college, like come on people this isn't comfort, it's too Stephen King. Knitting is my comfort, I don't want to read that. Enough bitchin' and complaining. Also, haven't posted much lately but have been so enthralled with the CNN coverage of Hurricane Frances, man I've been glued to it since Friday. I know so much about weather forecasting I could deliver it on the evening news, but I am like totally addicted. And don't start me on Ivan, waiting in the wings to descend on these poor people again, HOLY CRAP, how much can one state take? Hoping all is well with Faery Crafty who was going to possibly be in the direct path of Frances.

Camera Update:
Returned camera to Future Shop and am reading instruction book (literally book yes) and will be posting pics soon, God Willing

Gotta Go,
First Day of School Tomorrow
(What's that music in the background? Yes it is the most wonderful time of the year...)