Friday, July 29, 2005

I just finished it. Wow. I cried and cried. Anyone else finish it? And your opinion? And what was with the black hand? So many questions still unanswered. When is the next book out anyway?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is how beautiful and calm our weather is now...

Highs between 24 ~ 28, evening lows around 15. This is summer. This is bliss.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tagged, Haven't Seen This One Before!


Pronunciation Keyn. pl. id· i·o·syn·cra·sies -A

structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an

individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies.

Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live

gerbil or friendslist to do the same.

Do you people really want to know my crazy and sometimes inexplicable idiosyncrasies? Well don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Since I was a child, I always thought I had "boy's feet". That is, I always thought my feet looked liked boys feet and because of that, I have always kept my toenails painted and well manicured.

2. If you haven't already read my "50 Interesting Things" you will not know that I have to keep my kettle and the back right of my stove, when not in use.

3. I prefer men in white underwear, not coloured.

4. I sometimes brush my teeth and/or floss up to five times a day.

5. I totally get off on reading these types of lists and have surfed the web looking for them.

Now, who shall I pass the baton to? I'm thinking Michele, Elizabeth, Jussi, and how about J. ?

And for those vaguely interested, the French Nipple Bag aka French Market Bag was completed WITHOUT nippleage. Those that predicted it would disappear were, indeed, correct. The yarn used was Lamb's Pride and the felting was very quick.

Oh, and btchwstix now knows the kitchener stitch (but man does it suck).

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Why this odd collection of bowls and a soccer ball? Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

This picture is "G" rated. Suitable for all audiences. Posted by Picasa

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French Nipple Bag aka French Market Bag aka Gigantic Lifesaver Package

Does this not make you think of this in the Woody Allen movie? There are more pictures to come as these are all pre-felted. Notice the nippleage. I am told this will come out in the wash. We shall see.


Continued nippleage Posted by Picasa

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Monday, July 18, 2005

A Word About the Neverending, Ass Sticking to your Underwear Heat

It never rains in California
But girl, don't they warn ya
It pours man it pours.
Out of work, I'm out of my head
Out of self respect I'm out of bread
I'm under loved I'm under fed
I wanna go home
It never rains in California

Okay, I was very little when this song came out but I remember it playing on the radio that sat in our kitchen when I was this high. I have to talk about the heat. I've been trying to ignore it, avoid it and possibly even thwart it but it ain't happin'. First, let us delve into the genealogical history of Btchwstix, to completely understand the complexity and gravity of this situation. My mother's mother is from this country. My mother's father is from this country. Both of my father's parents are from this country. Specifically, here. As much as I have always wished to be dark, tanned and exotic looking, I am not. Not even close. As a matter of fact, when I was born, all the neighbours thought my mother adopted me, I was so fair. Now don't get me wrong, I don't look like this, but I am still not exotic looking. My point is, I am not a tropical flower that thrives in the heat, humidity and sultriness of Southern Ontario. I am more of an English Rose that thrives on temperate conditions with the odd rain shower thrown in for good measure. I was not built for this weather.

As stated in the title of this post, my chaci gaucies are sticking to my rump. My hair will NOT curl, straighten, bounce or style. When I undo my bra at night, it is so sticky, it continues to hold up breasts without outside help. My already rosy cheeks are permanently tattooed with that "she looks like she's about to have a coronary" look and the sweat above my upper lip could water my now permanently brown grass. I haven't turned the oven on in almost three weeks and I'm going to have to learn how to barbecue pasta. The central air conditioning has been running straight for 3 weeks and every night I have to pray to the Energy gods (as opposed to the Water gods, we remember them well, yes?).

I want to move. I know I can't but I want to. Really. Now. Here looks good. I could knit all year round with local wool. And you wouldn't have to read these pathetic posts about Toronto's tropical weather.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Germaphobic's Delight

I know, there is no word "germaphobic" but I have been called that so many times I've decided to integrate it into my vocabulary, so there. This book is proving to be very informative and possibly even life extending. I am always looking for more ways to stay healthy and this seemed to foot the bill. It is a compilation of information regarding the entire body, from the immune system to gum disease and bad breath. This all interests me greatly as I have a compromised immune system that prevents me from fighting off certain infections including sinus infections, UTI's and other assorted maladies. I especially like the Chapter "Best Optimizing Options ~ Strategies~Treatments Reference". If you are anything like me, and question the validity of your doctor's advice on occasion and are perhaps sick of another round of antibiotics, this may be a good read for you.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Broken Knitting Needles 101

My disappointment cannot be expressed by mere words. Just look at the picture folks. Brings a tear to the eye does it not? My beautiful handmade rosewood needles from Turn of the Century totally annihilated. How you ask? Weren't they just quietly minding their own business in the little wicker basket on the floor in the family room? Didn't you at one time think "Mmmm, maybe I should move those, DN3 (7 year old) may one day decide to play with them and possibly break your coveted handmade rosewood needles from Turn of the Century?" And didn't you still ignore this little warning bell in your head and continue on with your mundane existence? But the biggest disappointment may well have been the knock on your bedroom door by daughters one AND two, (almost 16 year old and almost 13 year old), begging for forgiveness as it was THEM that broke it, fighting with it no less. The irony here? They were a Mother's gift from last year. Found this when I googled "broken knitting needle". Some consolation I guess. Especially if I find someone the size of a house elf that wants to knit with handmade rosewood needles.

The French Nipple Bag is doing well, okay. It is no longer a large pert nipple. It is now a small, less aroused nipple, but still, I would categorically state, a nipple. I wish to thank all those wonderful suggestions I received and the hint to remove the first couple of rows worked out very well. Not as much nippleage. Can you imagine the complete and utter disappointment of the people that are googling "nipples" etc and are ending up on my knitting website. Kinda funny.

My life is still a sitcom. Stay tuned.

Found this. I want one. Their asses ALL look better than mine.

What possible words are there to describe this? Posted by Picasa