Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Me and Martha

Martha and I have been at it again. Thanks to Vee for the link. What a wonderful way to utilize your vintage linens. I am always so happy to find different and innovative ways to showcase my quickly expanding collection. I love the way it came out and it only took me about 2 hours which isn't bad for a novice I guess. It will be a wonderful bag for books or produce I would think. And, well, this picture is kind of self explanatory. We now have a pug. He's not brand new. He's used and well worn. We actually babysat him several months back for a girl my daughter works with. She had just had a new baby (do you have "old" babies?) and did not feel she could dedicate the time to him so we looked after him for about 2 months. Of course we fell in love but we had to give him back. However, last week she called my daughter and told her he was just too much with a teething baby, no sleep, etc. (I soooo remember those days!) How lucky are we? He's back and very well loved. Everybody can't get enough of him. He is a delight.

Did I mention the hair? Everywhere.

But he's worth it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Things were going so well...

My thoroughly productive morning went out the window when I received a phone call from the school to tell me DN3 had a headache, can you come get her? I am home for half and hour and the phone rings. DN2 has cramps, mum can you come get me? An hour later all was well once tea, sandwiches and chocolate cake was safely in their tummies.
So other than cleaning the oven, nothing has been done, nor will it. I have laundry to put away and ironing to do but some of my old standby books are calling me and I just want to sit for a quiet few with my tea and thoughts. The above image is from the most charming book, Romantic Style.

These images are from English Country. The images are gorgeous and the wallpaper samples are divine.
Doesn't this bed look comfy cosy?
Well, that really is all I am doing right now. I may visit the country tomorrow for tea with Elizabeth and then a busy week from there. DN2 has been chosen as one of the athletes of the year by a large newspaper here and she needs to go for a photo shoot on Thursday. I also desperately need a haircut so I will squeeze that in too.
I am still adding sites to my blog list but it has grown so much over the last few months, I think it looks a little tacky with so many. What do you think? Should I just start using bloglines? I have even left some that have not posted in a while. I just like them all soooo much. They put a smile on face. I hope some of you get that feeling when you visit me ;)
Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pinking Fears

Is it possible to have too much pink? Too many flowers? My quest to beautify this home seems to lead to roses, pinks and overall femininity. Do I sometimes forget there is a man in this home that happily cohabitates with four females? Should I be concerned? My latest purchases seem to obliterate the fact that there is testosterone that floats around this home. But the need for vintage florals and roses is just too strong to ignore.
As you can see between Spring rummage sales and awesome deals on ebay the beautification continues. The plate (I know, I do think I have one very similar), the creamer and the jam pot were found at a church sale on the weekend. The sugar pot is an ebay find that replaces the exact one DN2 broke at Easter at Mum's. She looooved this sugar pot that was found at a Quebec farmhouse about 20 years ago with cement mixed inside of it. I just know I paid more for it than she did! The basket was found for 2.00 and has a top on it that folds over with a dowel inside to keep dust off? The lovely ticking fabric is another ebay find. How can you give up 5 yards of Laura Ashley for 8.00? Wouldn't it make a great tablecloth? Not sure yet what to do with it. But it is delightful.

The adorable linen tea towel was 10 cents.

And, of course, tulips. Our outdoor ones are barely peeking above the soil. Spring has not quite sprung yet but the temperatures are starting to rise. Thank Goodness. Did anyone see the snow that fell on London a few days ago? Wouldn't that have been more welcome about 5 months ago?
* * *
I am trying to organise the blogs I read on my sidebar, so if you are missing, you needn't worry, you'll be back! Thanks for visiting I do love all your comments, they never fail to put a smile on my face ;)