Monday, April 30, 2007

Lusting after Vintage Bedding

I know this is a super crappy picture of "Nanny Mc Phee" but you have to watch this movie and see the vintage quilts, tartan rugs and granny square blankets/afghans that are on these beds. Truly a crafter's movie if there ever was one. I watched it for the first time on Saturday night and the whole family was getting rather peeved at me for pausing during all the bedroom scenes so I could fully absorb the bedding. Especially the granny square blanket. My husband thinks there are different squares involved but I think they are all the basic grannies with different colour combinations. Absolutley delightful. I may just watch it again for the blankets!

And a few blogs I am quickly becoming addicted to:

Kelly's Vintage Lifestyle

Pink Paint and Roses

Jane's Apron

And by 5:00 pm I always wonder where my time has gone.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

So Terribly Late for the Party Again...

Finally joined the Corners of my Home group. Could I be any later getting to this party? I guess the trick is to show the one or two corners that aren't a mess? I chose the name "Greens and Roses". I noticed my rooms are either green or have roses so there you go. These are some jugs I have on my window in my bedroom. I've collected so many jugs, creamers and pitchers over the years, they are everywhere. Of course the ones with roses are probably my favourites along with the blue and white transferware ones.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it possible...

To have clothes peg bag envy? If there is such a thing, surely I must have it. Deb at Homespun Living has made me re-think my ugly plastic basket I use for my clothes pegs (or is it pins?). Deb sells them on her site, the problem is I want the one she's using! It is positively fetching. I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about my clothesline lately. I gave it a good wash yesterday and now I need some new clothes pegs and of course, a lovely clothes peg bag to put them in. I do have some interesting clothesline stories. Many times I have had neighbours comment on my items that are hanging on the line. They have commented on my lovely sheets, my ginormous bath sheets and even a bra once. Is that politically correct? Is one allowed to comment on another's unmentionables that are on the clothesline? What is the clothesline etiquette here?

And where the heck can you get some nice, durable clothes pegs btw? I want some of these.
Granny squaring is addicting. I have about 20 done and am very pleased with myself. There is the looming question however, of who exactly is going to sew these babies together? I have tentatively crocheted a couple together and am not happy with the result. You get that ridge thingy. You all may remember one of my famous lines about sewing?
I have also learned in the last couple of weeks how to properly pick up stitches AND the 3 needle bind off which I think is frickin amazing cuz sewing up sucks big time and anything that eliminates the most shitty side to knitting, I want to be a part of.
February 2005
How's that for famous quotes? Feel free to use that one anytime.
I did trying blocking one just to see if it made much of a difference. It didn't. I guess the acrylic content is the reason for that. I am using a Pingouin yarn that is really quite lovely to work with. I am to understand that it is no longer available? Although the yarn store I purchased from had a tonne in stock. The colours are brilliant and very spring-y.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have conquered the Granny square. After many, many tries, at last I have satisfaction. It's not really that I couldn't do them, it's just I didn't like them. They just did not look the way I felt they should look. There is a standard you know. The colour combinations out there are just too divine. I love hers. And this one was made out of pure determination (and not wanting to spend the pounds on the overpriced one from you know where). There are just too many to count. But the best has to be Caroline. She had a few set backs at the beginning and persevered. I love the candor. It was her persistence that motivated me. Thank you, Dolliedaydream!

The green, pink and blue ones were my first decent looking ones. I have since gone out and commited more yarn shopping felonies and the ice cream-y colours are the result.

Should I join the Grannyalong? Do you think they are good enough? I really can't say. Do I deserve a medal for trying?

Funny, I felt so great when it all came to me and they came out so well but the rest of the family didn't seem to share in my jubilation. Why is that?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Update for the Love of Blogs

I've really been doing quite a lot of spring cleaning. There are many new blog links I think you will enjoy. I have removed a few that were not very current. Sorry, but if you haven't blogged in more than two months, you're outta there.

I know you will just love:

Homespun Living
Vintage Household
Vintage Living

I see a pattern here with the Vintage and the living thing. Am I dwelling in the past?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tickets Please...Last Call for the Granny Square 'Ghan Bandwagon!

Alternatively, you can board the Unbelievably Popular Ripple Blanket Bandwagon. Personally, I would like to board both at the same time. However, there are impediments. The first was actually obtaining the Holy Grail of Pattern Books. This little sucker was nowhere to be found. And I was like a quadzillionth in line for it at the library. Finally got it from and for a darn good price I might add. Then there was the problem of a below average crocheter trying to figure out dc2tog. Don't go there. Seven steps for one freakin' dc2tog? I'm thinking of checking out Expedia for tickets to travel on the "Unbelievably Popular KNIT Ripple Blanket Bandwagon" instead.

Now for the Granny Square 'Ghan Bandwagon. Cannot board. Can't even find the bloody platform. I am totally unable to create a granny square. You know the first crochet project that Grade 2 children master in one lesson? Don't know what the problem is but it must have something to do with early menopause.

But I do still knit. With some degree of accuracy and skill. The afghan was a quick knit and suprisingly satisfying. Basic rib knit with some stash bustin' yarn. A mix of Babi by Grand River Yarn and some burgundy cotton I had from something and I can't remember what (there's that E.M. thing again).
Oh, and Ottawa. Love it. The Byward Market area is phenomenal. Great stores, lovely pubs and restaurants. Thinking it would make a great girl's weekend. Perhaps the Chateau Laurier?