Wednesday, November 02, 2011

yes, hello?

Hi! Remember me? I am the blogger everyone forgot? So I have been on an unexpected bloggy break apparently. I know it's inexcusable but have much to tell you. First, it was my birthday yesterday and I got some lovely presents! Dad and oldest daughter got me the lovely mugs and teapot from you-know-who. I am drinking my Keurig coffee from one right now!
And second little surprise is Marmalade. Mother knew I wanted a ginger cat since Pumpkin, our previous ginger, that had been given to my by one of my mother's neighbours as a "stray" turned out to be someone else's cat! I had him for many months under false pretenses! How hilarious is that? Anyhow, this bundle of sweetness is not overly found of overweight, snoring, snuffly pugs and has had quite a few hissy fits. But we are working on that. I fear there may be some kind of intervention needed in the future however they seem to be tolerating eachother at the moment.
Next order of business. A close family member was critically injured in a devastating construction accident and quite nearly lost his life. My husband and I are very close to this cousin and his wife so I have been at the hospital almost daily for the last three weeks. He has suffered numerous injuries but the other worker was killed in the accident so we are eternally thankful he is alive. We are lucky he is being treated at one of the best hospitals in the country and has come a very long way since he was admitted.
DN2 is safely ensconced at school and doing well in both hockey and her pre-med program. DN1 is in her fifth year, taking a PR grad program and working like a fiend when she isn't in school. She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years in early September and I cannot express to you how devastated she was! It was not pleasant around her for those first couple of weeks! And if you can believe it, my youngest is now in grade 8. Highschool next year!