Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Born Supremacy

Miss me? I was travelling the world looking for my favourite shoes. These shoes are amazing. They are comfortable, stylish AND have height. I looooove these shoes. But I had to go to Buffalo to get them. Why can't a world class city like Toronto carry Born shoes? I called EVERYWHERE looking for the suckers. Nada. And now that I have pair you would think I was happy, yes? No, I want more. That's how great these little babies are.

So, as I was saying, I went to Buffalo Friday morning to shop. We visited the Walden Galleria but they have mostly the same stores we do now so nothing spectacular (other than DSW Shoes where I purchased the aforementioned holy grail of footwear). We also went to the outlet mall that has, can you believe it, a Coach outlet store and a Burberry store. Not that any of those deals were particularly worthwhile. However, my girlfriend did hit on some nice deals at Bass. Great store, kinda Eddie Bauer-ish. She got some great clogs there, half price. Nice.

From Buffalo, we went to Niagara-the-Lake. We ate dinner and spent the night there. On Saturday we headed up to St. Jacobs for yet more shopping. Lots of little shops and warehouse outlets. Quaint but getting on the over commercialized side. From there we hit Elmira, Elora then Acton for The Olde Hide House. Elmira, not so great. Elora is always great. OHH? Well ya gotta be in the mood for the aromatic whiffs of cow and lamb hide. BTW did not buy one single Christmas gift. Can you believe it?

Continuing to sock knit. Working on a second sock with fanfriggintastic yarn. Trekking XXL is brilliant both in colour and feel. Loving it.

Anyone try this new stuff from Lion Brand? More expensive than Paton's Merino which is about 228 yards. The Lion Brand is only 158 yards.

Did I tell you last month my daughter got her IPod stolen at school? Well missy lost her pink razor phone yesterday. It's not all fun, games and shopping at the Btchwstix household.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Didn't You Just Know...

That it would be a man behind this?

Nature has a way of telling women their childbearing days are over. It is called menopause.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Betcha' Thought I Was Lyin'

Well here are the promised pictures after I searched for the camera AND found batteries. You are all worth the effort! I also had to wait to post as the shawl and tea cosy are gifts and she checks out my blog once in a while so here it goes.

The shawl is just a basic triangular pattern done in a burgundy cotton. She hates wool, acrylic, mohair and many other fibres, so I was extremely limited to the yarn I could use. The tea cosy is my pattern done with Patons merino wool. This stuff felts wonderfully and the pink and brown combo is brilliant. The crappy picture does not do it justice. The pram blanket is for a cousin that is expecting. It was done in a cream wool, the pattern is from that British Knitting mag that costs like $11.00 here.

Thats pretty well it.