Monday, May 26, 2008

Vintage Linens

We all know how low I was on blankets, so Saturday I rushed out to the Christie's Sale and searched high and low for vintage quilts, comforters and eiderdowns. Thank goodness I found some. What would we have done without them? Especially since today should be a chilly 27 degrees Celsius. What was I thinking?
Seriously, did I need more blankets? I am so addicted it's not funny. And I just could not pass them up. The top one was just so gorgeous with the satin inset and the pattern on the second one with the roses and the greens and blues, well what can I say? It was $20, once told that there was no going back. There is no rhyme or reason, just beauty. They are all washed, clothesline dried and fluffed from the dryer.

The wicker rocker was picked up at a garage sale on the way home. Again, who can pass up deals? I have no idea where its permanent home will be but blimey, it was $15. We also stopped at Hortico on the way back and what a wonderful nursery. I finally picked up the rose I wanted so terribly and spent yesterday doing more planting and moving about. Now I want the temperature to drop so I can sit in the garden with a cup of tea, my new rocker and one of these gorgeous blankets.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sewing and Pug Pics

As you can see, I actually accomplished something I said I would accomplish. The two cushions from the vintage tablecloth. Done. I really hated to cut up that lovely tablecloth but it had a few tiny holes and I bought it, for two dollars I might add, specifically for this purpose. Another item checked off the list.
And I thought I would show you the cute watering can I picked up. Who can resist pink flowers on a watering can?

And the gratuitous dog pictures. Did I mention there is now well over 100 pictures of this dog stored on my computer? As you can see he is having a difficult time adjusting to the Knitty, Vintage and Rosy household, cough, cough.

I debated whether to show you these photos as some are well, kind of graphic. His bits and pieces are still, ah, intact. If I knew how to photo shop them out I would have.

And for those that are curious the rippling is going so wonderfully. I am awaiting a delivery from Webs for some new yarn for it. My goodness they have great prices. The yarn I am using was half the price than what I paid for at my yarn store. The colours are a bit different than the last one but very similar and quite a bit bigger. This one should cover my king size bed. Vee said I should still take a picture and show it to you all, so I may take the camera to my mum's for a picture. Still ticks me off a bit when I look at it, but as mother says, you can't unring the bell.
Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.
PS Why won't blogger space?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the Winner is of the much delayed and overly hyped giveaway is...

Julia from Vintage Heaven. Way to go Julia. Please email your shipping address and I will have your little gift in the mail as soon as possible. I am sorry for the delay guys but I was waiting for the computer most of the evening while DN2 was loading DN1's Ipod. This little endeavor took well over three hours and I just could not stay awake any longer. The prize includes some treats, vintage apron, a pillow cover, some lace and Romantic Homes.

Thanks so much to everyone that posted. It is so nice to hear from new people.
My latest projects are, if you can believe it, another ripple afghan. I finished the first one and gave it to mother for her birthday. I know you are wondering why I never showed you a picture right? Well that was when I was ill. Her birthday came upon me quite quickly and I finished it the night before her birthday and had to quickly block it. It wasn't drying quick enough so... yes, I put it in the dryer but only on "NO HEAT". Do you want to guess what happened? Slightly smalller than anticipated but still beautiful. That is why there is no picture.
I am also going to make some cushions for that iron bench I mentioned in the last post. That's the plan anyhow. It is rather dreary and cold here today so I will also be spending some time with Nigella, making one of my favourtie dishes to warm up the kitchen.
Have a great week and thanks so much.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Elegant vs. Shabby Vintage

This is my little family room that is actually just a big kitchen but this is what we call it. As a result the sofa is sat on quite a bit as the moment someone comes into this room they sit on the sofa. There is a kitchen table to the left of this, literally just four or five feet away. But people (my kids) feel the need to sit here to eat their snacks, goop and all around messy stuff. So I pretend that life is all velvet, roses and non staining white wine while I clean and tidy up and then back to reality.
So I always have to have some kind of covering on it. This is what it looks like in real life. At the moment I am using the most beautiful chenille bedspread in a duck eggy kind of blue. The sofa is almost the same colour. This makes me cheery. It also gives me some kind of insurance against the inevitable "spill". But most often it is covered in a white matelasse coverlet. I was going to sell this chenille one on ebay but I just couldn't.

Two charming platters I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. I actually used them so many times already, what in heaven's name did I do without them before?

And a sweet little tablecloth that I plan to make into pillows for the iron bench outside.
The contest will be extended til Tuesday as I totally forgot this was the holiday weekend here and will be entertaining pretty much all three days. So if you haven't commented, while why the heck not?
Have a lovely, peaceful and serene weekend.
See you on Tuesday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008 A Giveaway

Can you guess what today is? Four! 4! Quattro! Years ago today I began this blog. I actually hadn't really thought about it until Elizabeth at Kittycafe kind of reminded me as we started around the same time.
My blog began as a mostly knitting blog with me rambling on about my less than perfect attempts at needlework. Ooooh there was some doozies I'll tell you! My photography was much worse than it is now, not that there is anything great about my talent now but oh, boy there were some nasty pictures going on. I also had this amazing list of blogs in my sidebar that I completely deleted, by accident, when I switched my blog to the new blogger format. There were some really brilliant blogs on there which I have never been able to find again since the memory is, well you know.
I have since expanded my blog to include thrifting purchases and decorating ideas which seems to have opened up my readership. This I am forever thankful for as I have met (is that the word?) some of the nicest people. I love the blogging world and reading all the wonderful little anecdotes that people are kind enough to post on their blogs almost everyday. I am forever inspired by so many. A few have decided to close down lately, which really saddens me, however, there is one that chose to stay afloat after an incredible response, isn't that blogger love at its finest?
What I am getting at, dear friends, is in appreciation for your loyalty and support I am doing, what else, but a little bloggy giveaway. Please leave a comment (that means you out there in lurkdom;) and I will be randomly selecting a name for a prize that I am sure you will enjoy.
I will close the contest down on Friday to give those occasional readers a fair chance.
Once again, thank you.
And did you notice my title? I was such a novice on my first post I put the date there not knowing each entry would be dated. Duhhh!
Lisa xoxo
PS I hope you all had a simply marvy Mother's Day!!!
PSS Sorry for the lack of spacing today, Blogger just was not in the mood to space!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Crack Me Up

No, seriously, it's not enough that I have laundry, gardening, ironing, and shopping to do, I have to go play with Hairmixer.
These are my favourites. What a laugh. The first one is Reese Witherspoon. The second is Heidi Klum, the third is Jessica Simpson and the last one is Jessica Biel.

Thanks so much to Happy Loves Rosie for the link.

So, are you going to go give it a try?
I am seriously thinking about that Reese Witherspoon one though...

Friday, May 02, 2008


Was I thrown for a loop last week. I went to my daughter's ball hockey tournament feeling out of sorts. Achy, sinuses but I reckoned after I was up and running things would get better. No. They did not. I left her with another mum and took myself to bed. But I worsened as the afternoon wore on and ended up having my mother take me to the doctor as I kept feeling like I would pass out. Good thing. I had a temperature of 102. It has taken me about 6 or 7 days to get back to feeling semi normal. But enough about me, how are you? I have been reading my bloglines like there's no tomorrow. Bloglines and I get along like a house on fire! I just go online, see who has a new post and Bob's your uncle! Love it.

But is it normal to have more than 100 blogs to read? I am addicted to the beauty. Thank you all for making my day, everyday. How lucky are we to have a window to look through whenever the feeling strikes us? To peek into other homes, other countries, other worlds?

I am trying to get the garden into shape. It is going ever so slow. We have had rainy days and more in the forecast. I am so very jealous of those that have lilacs on their kitchen tables when we just have forsythias blooming.

And thank you all so much for the well wishes for my little, handsome man! He is fitting in quite nicely.

Thanks for visiting, and Keep Calm and Carry On!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Who figured I would go back and buy the wellies?