Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Lovin' Yarn Harlot's Poncho

Okay, trying to be very Martha today and it ain't easy in this Malcolm household. Awoken this morning by dog next door that starts barking at 7:00am EVERY morning (Sat and Sun included). Got my butt moving, DN3 dressed, load in washer, folded laundry, and out door to pick up bag and card to deliver tea cozy I knitted for housewarming gift (was suppose to be given when we visited 3 weeks ago but perfection takes time right?). Picked up some groceries as well, delivered gift, back to another grocery store for fresh fruit and veg then home to prepare lunch as DN2 will be home for 12:30 from hockey clinic. Made lunches, and prepared Paul Prudhomme's Cajun meatloaves to go in oven at 3:30. Cleaned up from lunch, loaded dishwasher and left to go pick up gifts at one of my husband's clients for a charity golf tournament on Sunday. Stopped at 3rd grocery store on way home to pick up DN2 eczema cream and extras for dinner tonight that I forgot at previous two stores. Came home and tidied up some more, picked some pears from trees in back yard and peeled potatoes for dinner. All this is leading up to the fact I have not picked up my knitting all day and am ITCHING to cuz I am loving this pattern from Yarn Harlot. She has requested everyone should knit this while she is on holiday and I am doing what I am told dammit! If anyone out there is looking for a nice simple pattern then this is your baby. I've done about 15 rounds and it is looking FAB. Need to start something else though, I don't know what yet. I like having 4 or 5 things on the go for variety. Well, gotta go, DN3 has Kumon and DN2 has a hockey game at 7:30 so better get moving.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I keep looking to see if you have put the GTA Knit Blog Ring html code on your site to add you to the ring.

if you are still interested in being apart of this ring, let me know when the code and member id is changed, and I will add you.


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
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