Monday, September 06, 2004

Knitlit 2... Not A Cozy Read

So I wait freakin' months for this book from the library cuz I am totally taken with the first Knitlit and am sooo totally disappointed. So many of the stories are sad, not like low level sad but 2 or 3 kleenex sad. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind a bit of this thought provoking stuff but that's not why I am reading the thing. I am reading for great stories of how or why people started knitting, ufo horror stories and of course the odd traditional boyfriend sweater story but some of these endings just aren't nice. One mother knitting in her child's bedroom thinking apocalyptic thoughts, another about a crazy mother sending her daughter their dead dog's collar to her at college, like come on people this isn't comfort, it's too Stephen King. Knitting is my comfort, I don't want to read that. Enough bitchin' and complaining. Also, haven't posted much lately but have been so enthralled with the CNN coverage of Hurricane Frances, man I've been glued to it since Friday. I know so much about weather forecasting I could deliver it on the evening news, but I am like totally addicted. And don't start me on Ivan, waiting in the wings to descend on these poor people again, HOLY CRAP, how much can one state take? Hoping all is well with Faery Crafty who was going to possibly be in the direct path of Frances.

Camera Update:
Returned camera to Future Shop and am reading instruction book (literally book yes) and will be posting pics soon, God Willing

Gotta Go,
First Day of School Tomorrow
(What's that music in the background? Yes it is the most wonderful time of the year...)


Anonymous said...

Lisa - thanks for the info on the hockey arenas. I found the Agincourt Hockey League that accepts girls J's age.

As for the ring info - if you want, I can add the html code for you. Let me know.


Lisa said...


let me know if you would like me to try and add the code to your blog...