Monday, June 05, 2006

One Skein Wonder... One Year Later

Not that it took me a year to make. Just that it took me a year to finally decide yes, I do want to make this and I have the perfect yarn for it. What a brilliant project. I ordered the pattern online and was in the throes of blissful knitting ten minutes later. There was one small caveat but I am sure every other knitter out there knew exactly where the sleeve was going. I think I will make many more of these and enjoy it while doing so. Will this become another Buttonhole Bag addiction? We all remember me with that, yes?

I should be doing housework right NOW. Things are looking kinda unkept over here. The children are still sleeping on flannel sheets. Yes, you Toronto readers are gasping. The onset of 40+ celsius temperatures should have motivated me but the list of "to do's" here just seems to overwhelm me.

The laundry is calling me. The dishwasher is calling me. The vacuum is calling me. What's that I hear? Gotta go...One Skein Wonder is calling me. My bad.


Dipsy D. said...

I really love your One Skein Wonder, and what a gorgeous color you chose! You certainly inspired me to try my hands at it as well, it seems to be such a satisfying knit and so addictive!

Bonnie said...

The color is simply breathtaking. I also just finished my OSW about a year later also. I used Kureyon for the body and black Cotton Fleece for the sleeves and ribbing. But I think it looks best with one color, especially the color you chose.

Maybe in a year, I'll finish another one!