Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Do you know Rosie says there has never been a publicity photo of her that has not been doctored/airbrushed?

Piss me off.


Heather said...

That does piss me off. Why does she let them do that? Thought she was all about loving yourself for who you are?

J. said...

yeah I think that it's ortten too. Glad to hear that you are surviving at your end of the province. Your lipstick event is alittle like the day i was visiting prinicpals to try to get a classroom this year and discovered 3/4 of the way throughthe day that the buttons on the back of my dress were undone, not just any buttons but the one that are meant to prevent the world from seeing what colour your underwear are! Luckily for me a very nice woman pointed it out before the day was over!