Friday, February 16, 2007

Obsession (the compulsion not the perfume)

Crochet is, well, addicting. Granny squares, with all the new colour and yarn choices are far too alluring to resist. And to put the icing on the cake, Country Home puts a gorgeous throw on the cover of the March issue and I am aflutter. I'm liking the hexagons. This one is from Pine Cone Hill. Then did you see the cover of Period Living? Need I say more? Elizabeth had the right idea when she decided to get this book.

Knitting? What's that? That two needle thing? Come on. As I have said before, I may have to change my name to "Btchwstick".


Elizabeth said...

That does look similar to the one on the cover of the book. Still considering....that's all, just considering :)

Holy crap, I have an 8 letter word verification!

btchwstix said...

Eight letter word verification? I'm so not that important.

Anonymous said...


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