Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hexagons Knit not Crochet

First let me show you some of my beautiful tulips. There, now that you are smiling a wee bit you can help me with a dilemma.

I have been trying to figure out how to knit hexagons like my mum used to knit back in the early seventies. I had asked my creative buddies at Knitter's Review and although they were very creative and knowledgeable they could not help me recreate an exact replica. So frustrated and determined I searched mother's house and eventually found the antiquated pattern.

Of course, the question now being, am I able to post this pattern on my blog? There is no copyright information on the piece of paper nor a reference as to where it came from. It is just a typewritten pattern with "1970" at the top.

I have scanned one of the hexagons I have knitted to see if this rings a bell with anyone.

They really are quite darling and once you knit them together it becomes a cross between a quilt and afghan. Very stylish at the moment. Especially for those trying to hop on the hexagon bandwagon that can't crochet.

Any informative bits about what I can or can't do would be appreciated.


Kim in Oregon said...

Stopped by from KR...and I think they are darling too.

I think you can post the 'pattern' as you are knitting a shape, not creating something with the shape. Do you start with a knitted rectangle and then pick up stitches to do it? I really want to know!

J. said...

I have no bright ideas but they look great - nice tulips too