Friday, February 22, 2008

The Winter of Our Discontent

Apparently, this is the feeling for many. Too much snow, not enough sunlight and a feeling of despair. So many bloggers out there are feeling the blues. I do understand but I just cannot help loving winter. The snow, the crisp air, the sparkle. Of course having Valentines Day and a new holiday helps. Last Monday was Family Day here in Ontario and I must say, I quite enjoyed it. I would talk further about Valentines Day but what do you say about romance when hubby gives you a massage, asks if I need gas in my truck, disappears for 20 minutes and comes back to a snoring wife? He did love his card though. Isn't it just adorable?
These are the Valentines I made for the kids from the Purl Bee site. They went over very well along with the pink cupcakes I suprised them with.

This is my little garden that puts a smile on face every morning. The tulips do not want to bloom together apparently they are very independent tulips and wish to do their own "thing". I am patiently waiting for the blue hyacinths in the blue transferware dishes.

And a quick update on the ripple blanket. I am so loving the colours. Especially with this paisley duvet. Aren't they fetching together? I love it so much but I think I may give it to my mum for her birthday. She is loving it as well and I don't think I have ever given her an item I have knit or crocheted. Isn't that funny, she is a knitter so I have just never thought of it.

Oh, just to let you know, the Beside Pocket has been quite a hit and they are starting to crop up using whatever cloths, doilies or hankies are available. Vee is on a roll!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Lisa xo


Knitting Mania said...

I'm on the same page as you. I love winter. I know folks down here in Cali think I'm nuts, but I grew up back east in MA and I love the seasons...that's why my husband and I are moving to Montana this Spring. Last I heard we have approx. 3-4 feet of snow at our place, yay, I want to ski and snowmoblie so bad... I love it when it's real brisk and the sun is shinning, I love to walk in that kind of weather...

Liking your ribbon blanket there, pretty colors. I'm working on another purse for a friend right now... in red!

Leigh said...

I love your blanket and I agree the colors are fabulous!

sal said...

Hi there;-)
I'm in the UK and I do so wish that we had a 'proper' winter!
It is really mild here right now!
Now to read more of your lovely blog!Sal;-)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You may be the first genuine winter lover I've met.

Thanks for the link-up. I love that imaginations are sparked when seeing new ideas.

Have a happy wintery weekend!

Sharon said...

Hi! I found you via Chris at Knitting Mania. Your ripple afghan is lovely!

As for winter, I love it better than summer, but then I live in the south. I can't complain as we usually get equal amounts of each season. Once or twice each winter we'll see snow. It's a big deal here! :)