Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Lied

I know I said I would post yesterday but problems ensued. We have been without phone service for a week and a half (Bell Canada I hate you) and the new guy (Rogers Home Phone I love you) came yesterday. Well it took much longer than anticipated and the day kind of went to hell in a handbasket if you want the truth. But enough about me.
* * *
Let's talk about the lovely Leisa. I won a contest from her blog and didn't she send me the prettiest goodies? The cutest candle cupcake, a charming heart and from the Queen of all Good Things, Cath Kidston tissues. Many, many thanks, Leisa, to send me all this loveliness all the way from Australia.
And a few bits and bobs I picked up on vacation. A Limoges saucer, another rosy saucer, a candle with, what else, roses, a duck egg coloured pot and some pillow ticking that is ages old but adorable. There were pillowslips as well, but they are already ironed and on beds.

Next, my favourite ladies, I have a challenge for you. Specifically those across the pond. I had a reader email me asking where she can purchase some sticky back paper in the UK. She loved the ones I showed you from the laundry room, however, she cannot seem to find it anywhere over there. Here we call it MacTac. That is a brand name that actually is no longer produced anymore. I do not have the packaging from these ones and am not sure who the manufacturer was and if it was Canadian or American. In the UK I believe you refer to it as ?Fablon? If you know where to get this or similar could you let me know? Thanks a bunch.

I still have so much more to tell you. I have had pictures stored on the computer to show you, more vacations pictures, websites I have come across that I know you will love and so many other things but this life thing is just getting in the way. I will be back shortly, and have I told you lately?
Thanks for taking the time to visit, your comments always make my day a little better.


Vintage Vickie said...

You should be able to buy Fablon in most UK DIY stores such as Focus or B&Q. I know I've seen some at our local Focus.

A quick Google search for Fablon just brought up "Fablon At Focus" amongst others.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Thank you so much Vickie.

I hope this is helping, Mandy ;)


Knitting Mania said...

Congrats on your win, such cute stuff. I love that cup cake candle.

I know nothing about Fablon, hmmm, never heard of it to be honest.

Sorry can't help out on this one.

Have a good Friday!

Alison Boon said...

They used to sell the stuff in Homebase when I lived in the Uk, hopefully they still do. Love the little candle, so sweet.
Great news on your win, such nice things.

white o'morn Cottage said...

Hi, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I have just enjoyed a few minutes on yours and am going back for more. I'd like to save you to my list if ok.
My sister is in Canada..Beadiva,(on my list) I visited twice and absolutely love it..(the country -not the blog!) ...beautiful. She is is Calgary. I'll be back often. Cheers...Pam

the old schoolhouse said...

Hello im the sister of pam[whitemorn cottage] and therese[beadive] had a look at your blog and loved it,i too will be the stuff your looking for we have here in Ireland, we call it contact and you can get it in most diy shops best wishes Angie.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Yes, delightful treasures you won from Leisa. She must have a great blog and I must check it out soon.

I'll be watching to see the response to your question to the gals from across the pond. Why do they have all the really cute stuff?

Hope that the weather improves stat.

sharie said...

Yep Fablon or as all Blue Peter viewers (childrens programme) will know it as Sticky Back Plastic.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to get it from the poundshops where it is a lot cheaper