Monday, September 08, 2008

Darling, Sorry I've Not Been Around

But we were away for the last three days in New York for a Hockey Tournament. But I am here now to show you some pictures I've had for a while stored and thought you would enjoy. They are from a book called English Country something and I loved it. I call the style "English Country Clutter". That is kind of my decorating philosophy and it works for me.

The bedroom is not so cluttered but soothing and relaxing.

Look at that gorgeous lamp in the sitting room.

More cluttery lovliness. Gosh, Martha would hate my style.
And want to hear some irony? All the compliments on my photography (thank you) and I go and break the camera the first day of school. Someone is laughing at me right now.


Kitschen Pink said...

love the antique samplers and that gorgeous chest of drawers in picture no.3. Cameras are wilful things aren't they! t.x

Leisa said...

I just love the last picture, especially the "stable" door and the chair. I could just crawl into the piccy for awhile!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

That book has some charming photos, which look a lot like your beautiful header.

So, how was the hockey tournament in New York?

Ackkk about your camera...that's awful and I hope that you have a replacement soon.

white o'morn cottage said...

How lovely! I love this style...perfect for curling up with a good book....Pam.

funkymonkey said...

I love the samplers and have a few I've stitched myself. Sadly, no antique ones.