Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kitchen Ideas


I have so many ideas running through my head right now. The painter is coming tomorrow to paint the cupboards and put up some beadboard. I am supposed to be packing the kitchen away right now. I am not doing that. I am searching through all my stored pictures looking at my favourite kitchens.

I know I want white/cream cupboards. That is a start. I also know I want to change colours a wee bit. I seem to be leaning towards a more simple background with splashes of colour and prints.

I seem to lean towards greens, blues and pink/reds for colour choices lately. And of course, that vintage feel.

I love collections, too. But I don't want that "too much" look. You know, when there are so many bits and bobs crammed onto the dresser shelf you can't really absorb everything?

I think I am looking for soothing, cosy and practical.
I am not quite sure if I can achieve all three.


thriftymrs said...

I want, want, want those kitchens!
Great post.

Hen said...

Gorgeous kitchens! I think the third one down is Cath K's kitchen. Good luck with the decorating...
Hen x

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hen, you are so right! What a faithful fan you are. That is indeed, Cath's kitchen.



MelMel said...

I'd just me one like Cath's......super duper!!!
Love em!

MrsL said...

Ah - lovely kitchens............. Mine is only half done, with no ceiling as yet! I've been told it willb e done by the new Year. Wonder which one? LOL.
Like the wee dog, too.

Good post!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wonderful kitchens! Cream sounds like a lovely color for kitchen cabinets. Will you also be painting the beadboard?

Going back to see Cath's kitchen...

. said...

Such beautiful pictures. Thank you.


funkymonkey said...

I'm with yu on the cream cabinets. Gorgeous photos.

Anonymous said...

You gave me a good laugh. I saw that the post was on redoing kitchens, saw the pictures, and thought "What crazy person would want to redo that kitchen?" Then I read further and learned that these were inspiration photos.


Gigi said...

I just linked to your blog from a Google search for 'Cath Kidston shopping in Toronto' as we are headed to your lovely city from here in Texas later this week. Sadly, I see there's not a shop there either -- sigh. Oh well, I wonder if you could recommend some places you like to shop as I can see from your beautiful blog that you have wonderful taste? We'll be there from the 25th - 28th and staying in the downtown area. I'd love to find a nice yarn shop as we have nothing here in our little town other than Michael's and Hobby Lobby ;-(.
The kitchen photos are gorgeous -- makes me want to re-do mine too. I really wanted an Aga for our house when we built it 10 years ago, but the price was too rich for our blood -- maybe some day. Good luck with your remodel. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

kelly said...

Hi Lisa, you didnt have to write again although it was so nice of you. I can see you are a very busy girl right now! I am like you I think, I like alot of different styles and colours ( providing they all have a vintage look/feel) and its hard to settle on one. I go through all my photos etc too and i love them all. I guess if you pick a neutral colour for the cupboards, you can add whatever details you like to make the ktichen feel how you want to. If you only buy what you really like, it should all somehow come together, thats what I do. best of luck. Cant wait to see it!

Knitting Mania said...

Can't wait to see what you came up with. Make sure you show us your newly painted and decorated kitchen when it's done...

Lockas lilla lÃĪngtan said...

I just fell in love! With your kitchen... So warm and nice. All the cute colours... it looks like lots and lots of candy.

Good luck with the decorating

julia said...

I have some of those very same pics in my inspiration files. Unfortunately I can't resist clutter so our kitchen is full to bursting! Can't wait to see pics of the new room
Julia xx

corine said...

Between a romantic kitchen and an ultra modern kitchen my heart will always hesitates. But i'm messy and a collector by nature so I think modern is out of the question.

Mareli said...

Just love all your ideas!! Wish I could make each of my rooms like one of yours. Love
South Africa