Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Green Knitting

I spent the better part of Sunday trying to find a quick pattern, that I liked, for a dog sweater/coat. I came across many but I needed a quick knit and something that would be compatible with "in stock" yarn. The house is full (not kidding here) with yarn. I have it artfully displayed in baskets, shoved into dresser drawers (so full, in fact, I may need to butter the sides to get the drawers open), and some, get this, still in their original bags packed in the back of cupboards. Sometimes, while tidying, I see a bag and say what is this? Wow, that's nice yarn, when the heck did I buy this? That would have been perfect for _____.
Eventually, I decided to make my own pattern and go with some Briggs and Little. But I did come across some fantastic patterns for dogs. Here are just a few in case you have been looking:
Basket of Daisies (adorable, just not for my male pug)
The plan here is to knit two rectangles, one slightly smaller than the other. The larger will be the top and the smaller will be the bottom (room for, you know, the business area). I will sew the two together, leaving openings at the front for the paws. Then I will pick up stitches around the neck and make a turtleneck. I will also pick up the stitches around the holes to make wee sleeves. Is this making any sense to you? I have loosely based it on a pattern I have in the Stitch n Bitch book. I am just expanding on it a bit to suit what I like. And while you anxiously wait for the results, you may be interested to know I won an award.
The lovely Therese has sent me this award. Of course, I am now to pick other worthy recipients. How do you do that when you read and enjoy almost 200 blogs? More dilemmas...


MelMel said...

I cannot knit to save my life, but the picture is lovely!
I do like your blog!xx

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Love that photo...green on green. Is that in your house? Wow! You need to do photo shoots!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Yes, Vee, that is my house. But your compliments are ever so sweet. You are very kind, indeed.

The good Canon camera is still broken and I am now forced to use my daughters little pink finepix. Generally, I am not so good with this camera.

I guess I just lucked out!

But your kind comments are always appreciated.

Green is my favourite colour, can you tell?

thriftymrs said...

ooooh pretty!

Marilyn said...

Love the yarn! I'm a knitter and the thought of wool just makes me smile!
I spend alot of time on Ravelry looking for patterns but haven't looked for a doggie sweater yet. My little guy is a chiwheeni (half dachshund half chihuahua)and he hates sweaters, something is wrong with this dog....lol.

I love your blog and your photos are so beautiful. I've been visiting quite often and will continue to!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Marilyn in NM

serenitymeadow said...

There is something so soothing about your photo, the cup the knitting needles and green yarn, the curtained window. Very pretty!

Unbuttoned said...

I just discovered your blog and spent the better part of the afternoon browsing it. Such lovely photos! I'm really missing the american country decorating living in a very 'modern' style country-Sweden. Swedish modern=make it look like no one actually lives here. Very hotel room!

the homely year said...

I love that shade of green...it will be a lucky pooch that wears the finished article.
Margaret and Noreen

ever changing said...

I am liking your blog... so much variety! and yes, beautiufl pictures and lot of inspiration too!