Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Potting Sheds

I am not the neat, tidy, everything has its place type of Potting Shed Girl.

I guess I am more of a shabby, rustic, country type Potting Shed Girl.

We need a new potting/storage shed.

I am loving all these ideas.

The Potting Shed
Garden Structures
Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways
(I definitely lean towards The Potting Shed)

* * *
Didn't I totally forget to tell you how the laundry soap worked? Brilliant! I am so happy I tried it. The laundry smells so clean. I know that sounds silly but it smells indescribably clean and fresh. I think I am now a convert. Oh, and very white and stains seem to be disappearing so I will soldier on with the homemade. The recipe is basically this:
2 cups borax
2 cups washing soda
1 bar of grated soap (I used Ivory as that was what I had on hand)
baking soda (not all recipes call for this so I used one box for the whole lot)
I mixed as I went and ending up tripling the recipe. The key here is you only require a couple of TABLESPOONS per load. Seriously, this stuff will last forever.
So thrilled ;)
Lisa xo


Rose Charles said...

i will def have to give the washing powder a try! me (and my messy 4 year old) get through a LOT of washing ;-)

thanks for sharing!

Rose XXX

MelMel said...

I'd love a shed!
I would have such fun making it look pretty!
No cobwebs and rusty mowers for me!xxx

Vee said...

Glad that the laundry recipe worked.

These ideas for a potting shed are great. I have always wanted a potting shed... Please fill us in on what you decide.

Sarah said...

That sounds good - will have to try that recipe - thanks for sharing!

Taz said...

Oh how I'd love a wee shed at the bottom of the garden that I could go hide it.
Loving your homemade soap powder recipe I'll definately be giving it a try if I can find anywhere that sells Borax.

Sal said...

I'd love a potting shed or something similar in my garden..a real escape!! ;-)

LissyLou said...

Glad the washing powder worked! x

Melanie said...

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Love Melanie xxx

Gillian said...

I love potting sheds too - always love if they have a feature on sheds in Country Homes & Interiors so these photographs are great! Your washing powder sounds fantastic!

PrincessPea said...

I love visiting your blog, it's always such a pretty place to come and hang out. I would love my own shed. It would be pretty and rose-clad on the outside, and incredibly neat and tidy on the inside. It would be big enough for a stove with a kettle on it for tea, and have a chair next to the stove for when I'd done enough potting up.


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Anonymous said...

Love the potting shed - Would love to know did you make it or buy it as want one just like it for our garden!

Will & Bex