Friday, July 10, 2009


I did tell you July would be crazy for me. It is. We have had two universities visit us per day for the last couple of days. These visits are lasting close to 3 hours each. I think we need a little break. I have been trying to squeeze in some crochet along the way and found a wonderful deal at an online shop quite close to here. I love the Cascade 220 for the ripple blanket and managed to snag quite the bargain. If you are interested in the name I will look it up for you, the name has popped out of my mind at the moment.

I am also trying to catch a few moments in the chubby chair for reading. However this is the favourite chair in the house for reading so you almost have to reserve it. Great for napping too.

A quick shot of the garden. I have been negligent in this department. We must spend the weekend weeding, trimming and mowing. (Is that any kind of break?!)

Finally a bit of bloom. We have had below average temperatures with quite a bit of rain. But I am not complaining! Others are, which astounds me. What is wrong with 22/24 degree temperatures? We are usually frying in the mid 30's at this point.

Lovely pink hydrangea is also loving these days.

As is her cousin, blue.
I do not know when I will be able to pop in again, but I do hope you are all having a fantastic summer and trying to keep cool in the heatwave some of you are experiencing. Poor you!
Lisa xoxo


Vee said...

Stunning photos as always... Summer is so often a busy, crazy season so I hope that you will find time to enjoy some calm and quiet in the midst of it all. I love the colors of your ripple blanket.

Sal said...

I love the chubby chair!
I would want it all to myself,I am sure!
Have a great weekend ;-)

Lavender hearts said...

So do representatives of the universities come and visit you or do you go to them? I'm glad the British universities don't do that, it must be so daunting!

Elyse said...

your bistro set looks wonderful in the garden. enjoy and good luck with the visits!


koralee said...

Oh so nice to read one of your always cheer me up with your lovely images...your home looks so beautiful....hope you make some time for all your fun stuff...that chair does look cozy!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks beautiful :-)

love the blanket too!

hope you get a bit of a break soon!

Rose XXX

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, full fo scrumptious eye candy! xxxx

Lace hearts said...

I loved reading this post, and what lovely, colourful photos.

vanessa said...

ooohhh! Yummy crochet blanket colours! delicious infact!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

white o'morn cottage said...

I love your ripple blanket and want to try it. Is it difficult? I would be a beginner but know most of the basic stitches now. cheers...Pam

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