Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Browsing and Planning

I miss Canadian Home and Country Magazine. It truly was my favourite Canadian magazine. It is now just an online resource. What a shame.

It had lovely photos, helpful hints, and a great source directory in the back to access all the lovely things locally.

I have been very busy the last week or two. We are now billeting a girl on my daughter's hockey team and I had to set a room up for her. She will be here with us for the next nine months and attend my daughter's school as well. Add that to the five of us already here and DN1 boyfriend that is here 4 or 5 times a week and things can get pretty chaotic. But really cooking for 5, 6, 7 what difference does it make really? At least they are here right?
I am leaving Friday morning for a girls' weekend away and will be back Sunday. Then Wednesday I am on a road trip with DN2 for unofficial visits to some of the universities that are offering her scholarships. We are starting out at the University of Connecticut, then on to Rensaeller, Syracuse and Clarkson. It will be a hectic few days. As you can see I really, really want her close to home. She will be officially visiting some other schools as well and she has to narrow that down to three or four. Possibly Northeastern, Yale, Princeton, Quinnipiac, Boston U and UNH. But these are so faaaaar! I know I am going to have such a hard time with this leaving thing. In another year this may be a very depressing little blog to read ;)
I hope all is well with you and that you are squeezing in as much summer as possible.
Lisa xo


Dallas Shaw said...

never read this- wonder if they'll leave their website up


Pomona said...

I know what you mean about leaving - my oldest is going away to university this autumn, and has been away much of the year, and the middle one only has one year of school left. They have all been away a lot this summer - the house seems very quiet today - things are changing fast! No doubt in the coming peaceful times I might get more projects completed!

Pomona x

koralee said...

Oh me oh my....Me TOOOOOOO! I adored that magazine and waited for it to come to my mailbox every month...it is very sad indeed! I have years of copies I have saved! I love going through them...I always am inspired!

Millie said...

I miss that magazine too.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a beautiful and refreshing blog you have! I love it and enjoyed my visit!


Allison said...

oh me too! I was so disappointed when I heard the news as it was the one magazine I had chosen to subscribe to. (I had been subscribed to Canadian House & Home, but got a bit bored with it, and Style at Home was always hit-n-miss for me.) I *adored* every issue of Canadian Home and Country that I received.

Elyse said...

wow, sounds like a very busy but exciting time.

thanks for letting me know about the online resource! (and yes, anthropologie has amazing hardware!)

good luck with the college visits!


Vee said...

I remember others saying how much they miss this magazine. I really miss it...having missed it completely. It's pretty sad what is happening to publishing...what's happening to a lot of businesses period.

Hope that the college tours lead the way to just what your daughter would enjoy. I know what a challenge it is to select a good school. My niece chose Dalhousie...is that a consideration for your daughter?

elsy said...

one daughter is about to leave for university about 3 hours away and we are just about to do the university visits for the youngest, here in england and all are so far away! so i know how you feel...good luck with your trip.