Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I was watching an episode of "Nigella Bites" the other night, I was totally struck by the appearance of Nigella. She had long stringy hair, parted in the middle, a not quite so beautiful complexion and nose that appeared much larger than what she has now in more recent shows. This particular episode was many years old, I presume. I wasn't even sure at the time it was her. I found this older photo of her and it is very much like what she looked like on the old program.
I'm thinking some polishing was done over the last few years. That being said I think she is a beautiful woman. I may even have a little girly crush on her. I think she exudes sensuality with that mix of domesticity that is charming and at the same time nonthreatening.
But that is just my opinion ;)


Pomona said...

That's the sort of thing I tell my husband when he drools over her picture - I always mention that I think that she is plastered in makeup as well!

Pomona x

retrorose said...

But how does she lie on a chaise longue on her side with steak on a plate and just a fork to eat it? I ask you! That last show Nigella express had me despairing. Far too cheesy and kitch. Saying that she is very beautiful and as a non- waisted person I love her figure. The Nigella Express book is absolutely fabulous too, just the nicest read.

Hen said...

Well now, I have long been a Nigella fan, I think she is just beautiful and also love her books and her writing. However! Other half and I queued up for a book signing of her last book and she was not half as lovely as I expected. The other half was very derogatory about her, I'm afraid. The hair, oh no, it was awful and as for personality, I never saw her speak a word to anyone except her minions. Her clothes were very drab, all black and there was no sign of the colourful little cardis I love so much. We were literally the last people who were allowed in, she apparently didn't have time to do any more signings yet the queue was very long of people who had waited a long time and were then simply told to go away. She'd been there about an hour or so, that's all. I still enjoy her books and her programmes but there's clearly a lot of polishing that goes into them. Then again, who doesn't look better for "polishing"?!
Right, now I'm just going to read my "Hello" about Cheryl Cole!
Hen x

The Antidote said...

Yay for girl crushes!
I met her a few years ago and was surprised how small she was, the tiniest waist and perfect perfect skin.

bellaboo said...

She is very fascinating to watch,and I use her recipes a lot,and she is a good writer too.She's certainly a man magnet!


French Knots said...

I'd love her womanly, hourglass figure!
I have several of her books and made her girdle buster dessert last Christmas - our arteries are still groaning!

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo I love Nigella, and have been lucky to meet her at a book signing, we chatted about her children and mine I love the name of her boy and asked her if it had any special meaning for her :)

Nigella is very beautiful


Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo have to say at the book signing I went to, Nigella looked gorgeous, if a little tired, but very gorgeous, she seemed happy to chat and waited longer than was meant to so everyone who was in the shop got their book :)


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

At the beginning of her TV programmes I was not all that keen on her style of presenting. The"looks" she kept giving the camera which were eventually turned in to comedy sketches.. I saw one of her more recent programmes and was totally hooked. I have since bought most of her books. Love her recipes and her casual manner when she is on TV cooking, usually for her family.
The make up yes well most of the time when you see a celeb in the flesh it's not quite like on TV.They never seem to look quite as good. I wouldn't like to be a TV personality as I think people's expectations are always so high! Have a bad hair day or no make up on and it's plastered all over the magazines. Can't be fun...
Isabelle x

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo very excited about the swap, have emailed you :)


Josephine Tale Peddler said...


You have a lovely Blog. I adore Nigella. I have all her books and watched most of her DVD's. The Who Do You Think You Are? show was fab with her. I love her humour and intelligence and such a stunning looking woman. She looks great at any age! I've enjoyed reading the comments of people who have met her. xx

Gigi said...

I've had a girl crush on Nigella for years -- love her unashamed zaftig figure, love of life/food, wit and so on --- even think she looks good in her unpolished state ;-). Love all her books too and use them often. I tivo her shows every week -- even though they're now reruns. There's just something kind of comforting about her self acceptance & domesticity, I think.