Friday, November 27, 2009

I am so sickened by this...

What is going to happen next? I am very confused.
How could things have escalated to this degree?
I am still reading reports.
And the saddest thing? My eldest daughter has asked most of her friends and family to donate to The Toronto Humane Society instead of Christmas gifts. Apparently some of the donated funds are used for useless lawsuits.


bekimarie said...

I feel physically sick, how could this possibly happen?
Beki xxx

white o'morn cottage said...

So, so sad. How can it happen in what should be a place of comfort and refuge? So WRONG!

Dawn Gahan said...

This made me cringe. We who so love our pets don't want to think about something like this happening to our "kids." Well, these pets are God's kids, and it's a crime.


Pea Green kitty said...

Gosh! I cant even bring myself to look at the pictures as I know I will be so sad all day pondering over it, I had a wee glimpse at the writing but stopped myself going any further.
Its just so sickening as you put it quite rightly!